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8 magical places in Asturias that will capture you forever
01 nov

Asturias is truly magical. Its peaceful atmosphere envelops you and transports you to other worlds. To the worlds you want to see, with no limits. You only have to let your imagination fly, open up your mind to memories, or let yourself be seduced by your own emotions.

Asturias is a place of infinite sensations and marked sensuality and this can be seen from its landscape, its mythological characters, its legends and its people.

The border between myth and reality is often blurred and the connection between the spirit world and that of earthly souls can be very intense, as strong as you desire.

In Asturias you can move into another dimension with great ease. You can see that for yourself during a peaceful stroll through a land that surprises and captivates at each step.

The journey that we offer you today is simply a stroll to the very heart of magic, which is not only in the landscape but also in your mind, and in your desires to connect with nature and its mysteries, or with people and their curious stories.

Cemeteries overlooking the sea, pumpkins that transport you to other worlds, refuges for "xanas" (Asturian mythological beings), forests and paths inhabited by mythological beings, pilgrims' souls, twilights that are from another world. All these sensations and a thousand more will be yours in magical Asturias.

Do you dare to cross this border, the one that you will not find on any map?



Niembro Cemetery or indescribable beauty at the foot of an estuary

The Niembro Estuary is one of the places in Asturias with more aura that you can imagine. Various different energies flow together here: from the Cantabrian Sea and its powerful tides, from the Coastal Way of St. James - which runs right alongside -, and from its impressive cemetery at the foot of the estuary, which rises up majestically with its artistic pantheons, with its crosses projected onto the clear waters that shape the sand, moss and rocks.

Niembro Cemetery in Llanes

Niembro is a special place at any time of the day or night. It is a delight when it becomes busy with bathers, sailors and people playing sport, and when it is completely silent with the tones of the twilight separated out into an immense palette of colours dominated by blues, violets, reds and whites.

The truth is that its cemetery, with its incredible character and beauty, is essential for creating this atmosphere of peace and even solemnity.

At sunset, in silence, it is easy to imagine the movement of the souls that over time have milled around here.

Pumpkins for magic moments

Pumpkins are abundant in the vegetable gardens of Asturias and this has been the case for many centuries. They are the perfect ornament in village houses or in any space where you want to allude to the natural bounty of the Asturian land.

These pumpkins are used to make magical references to the afterlife. This is why there is a very ancient tradition, which is described in various sources, that on the Night of the Dead it was very common to place pumpkins on crossroads or in gardens as a way to remember those who are absent and bring them back. This effect is achieved in full when the pumpkin is scooped out, given some eyes and a mouth and a lit candle placed inside. With this the air of mystery is complete.

Pumpkins in a village house in Asturias
This tradition is still observed in the towns and villages of Asturias today. It is linked to the "Samaín", which was the Celtic festival to celebrate the end of the harvest and the opening up to another world, and therefore to the dead.

So Asturian pumpkins are always linked to tradition and are closely connected with the magic of the passage of time, the seasons and the movement of the spirits.

The Cioyo Waterfall or refuge for the "xanas"

Have you imagined coming across a "Xana"? Have you wished for this more than once? Well, perhaps luck will come into your life and you will stumble upon - in some green and lush spot, where water flows and mosses and lichens grow -, a beautiful "Xana" with golden hair, eager to seduce you with her sweetness and singing.

You know very well that there is no such thing as a coincidence, so the best option is to visit certain places or follow certain routes that because of their characteristics are more likely to offer magical moments. One of the many such routes is the one that takes you to the Cioyo Waterfall in Castropol, famous in Asturias for being the ideal spot for your dream encounter with a "Xana".

Cioyo Waterfall in Castropol
You only have to relax and let your imagination fly.

The liveliest forest you have ever experienced

Asturian forests and their natural and rural environments are always the best places to imagine or feel the presence of this land's magical creatures, which unlike in other cultures are popular because the mythological beings are kind-hearted, playful, mischievous and have a sense of humour.

So when you stroll through the forest you will enter a world of magical daydreams in which you might see the mythical "Cuélebre", "Trasgu" or get wet with the rain of "Nuberu". In a nutshell, go with an open mind and be willing to let yourself go with the force of a nature where legend often becomes reality.

Western Asturias is an area of immense and powerful forests, like this one that is just next to the town of As Veigas in Taramundi, which seems perfectly designed as the setting for a mythological tale.

Forest and town of As Veigas in Taramundi
All the power of the twilight

Dusk, like midnight, is a magical time, almost made for witches. It is a time for tranquillity, for peace and quiet, for people and the landscape, for good thoughts and sweet memories, for embracing the nature that inspires calm.

This twilight moment with the panoramic view of San Martín Beach in Llanes is a real joy for the senses and feelings. The lights in the sky, the sound of the waves, the smell of salt, the calm breeze, the silhouette of the coast...everything is an invitation to enter into another dimension.

San Martin Beach in Llanes
A trail populated by mythological beings

Have you still not found a route in Asturias populated by mythological beings with a thousand shapes and colours? You start to walk, the trail leads you away from the town and the country houses, it gradually becomes denser and now you are in the middle of the forest.

The vegetation completely decorates the landscape. It is lush. Suddenly the trees with their trunks, roots and dozens of plant and animal companions take on fantastic and huge shapes that come alive.

Along the Beyu Pen Trail in Amieva you will feel the magic overcome you and transport you to other worlds, perhaps new ones for you, but ones that will seduce you eternally.

Beyu Pen Trail in Amieva
The Way of St. James or the world's busiest spiritual route

What can you tell me about the Original Way of St. James? The oldest Jacobean Way in the world. A route travelled by millions of souls over the centuries, with their concerns, their stories.

On the Original Way of St. James, which begins in Asturias and starts at San Salvador Cathedral in Oviedo, you can feel spirituality in the air like an enveloping fragrance that creates a thousand sensations, takes you flying to a thousand places, and makes you vibrate, tremble, jump, walk, imagine, think, and feel.

When you reach Obona Monastery in Tineo time stands still and so do you. Suddenly you are in the Middle Ages and you won't want to return to the present day. The souls of thousands of pilgrims murmur to you, and you, in the midst of the land, are just one more person on the world's busiest spiritual route.

Obona Monastery in Tineo
The magic of the mountains

And the mountains? What good sensations they give you, right? Those masses of stone and vegetation, rocks and bushes, fields and forests. Oh, the mountains! So many and so many different shapes. They make up an infinite natural setting that not even your imagination could devise.

Some have shapes that are friendly, others fantastic, others mysterious, others steep, others gentle, and so on to infinity. They are so powerful, strong, some are older, others are younger.

Some have a legend. Even if they don't you can invent one, because the mountains are full of creative magic, of good things, somewhere to recharge your batteries and enhance your senses.

Here you have the Güeyu Peñamea, in the mountains of Laviana. "Güeyu" means "eye" in Asturian. "Peñamea" means "divine", as if everything is controlled by it.

The Güeyu Peñamea in Laviana
In a nutshell, this is only the beginning, because guess what will happen? These magical moments in Asturias will captivate you forever, and you will want more and more each time.

Please remember that in your magical moments you must avoid encountering the "Güestia" - a procession of tormented souls especially visible on the Night of the Dead -, by faithfully following the advice given in the saying repeated since the dawn of time: “Andad de día, que la noche es mía…” (Go by day, as the night is mine...)

"¡Procura andar de día, ya sea solo o en compañía…!" (Make sure you go by day, either alone or in company...!)


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