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9 Panoramic views of Asturias that will leave you  speechless
27 sep

One of Asturias’ many qualities is that of leaving you speechless at every turn. As this land is a succession of mountains and valleys, winding roads and straight stretches, high mountain meadows and cliffs, steep peaks and labyrinthinegorges... of continuous contrasts, it is a dream paradise of panoramic views.

Views that are to be had when you stop to rest, at a halt in the trail… views that can be seen after hours of effort or after a quiet stroll… views that are sensed as you’re reaching the coast or climbing a mountain that calls to you...

We hope that this brief guide or selection of panoramic views will serve to whet your appetite.


Santa María del Naranco or the heavenly views


Nowhere is there a European church with such an intense royal and palatial medieval past. Yes, this is Santa María del Naranco. What’s more, of course, if its past was splendid, its views are no less so, becoming especially amazing and poetic in the light of dawn or dusk. The capital of Asturias, Oviedo, rises up at the feet of the most sublime examples of Pre-Romanesque Art, while just a gaze away is the legendary Monsacro, so acquainted with relics and the history of the Asturian monarchy, as well as the imposing Aramo Range.

Santa María del Naranco

On the side of the mountain of the same name, Santa María del Naranco offers in itself a beautiful panoramic view, while at the same time being a scenic balcony. It is a unique tandem, from one and the same spot, views of Pre-Romanesque Art and the Asturian landscape.


The River Sella… the current that carries you downstream


The Sella, is legendary… for its salmon, canoeists, river folk and scenery… as well as for providing the setting each year for one of the most famous rowing races in the world: the “fiesta de las piraguas” or the River Sella International Canoe Race.

Such is the sporting tradition of this river, the following and admiration that the canoe race attracts that, in the 1990s, a group of entrepreneurial athletes began offering the public the chance to canoe down the river. This allowed many enthusiasts to emulate their favourite canoeists or many others to spend a day out with family or friends, enjoying a natural setting that is an invitation to relax and have fun at the same time...

River Sella

The River Sella offers unforgettable views even from the main road itself, which runs parallel to the course of the river between Arriondas and Ribadesella, like in this photo taken close to Pries, where the Cuevas del Agua footbridge crosses the river.


Villaviciosa Estuary… the ideal estuary


Villaviciosa Estuary, a fantastic natural estuary and waterfowl preserve is ideal for practising sports, bathing or enjoying a stroll along its banks…

It freely offers up abundant sensations: its landscape, plant life, the soft flutter of birds’ wings, fish, its tides, the picture-card images of boats floating on the high tide and stranded at low tide, the ever-alertanglers...

Villaviciosa Estuary

And, as could not be otherwise, the estuary also freely offers up splendid panoramic views, like this one taken near El Puntal Harbour, where you can always find a maritime atmosphere and the delicious smells and flavours of fresh fish and seafood in the local restaurants and cider taverns.


Sariego… the greatest of valleys


The views from Perriellos Recreational Area and Scenic Balcony are fantastic. The immensity and beauty of the Sariego Valley, opens up before your eyes while on a clear, clean day, you can make out the Sueve and Peñamayor Mountain Ranges, and all the magnificence of the Cantabrian Mountains.

Perriellos in the borough of Sariego

Perriellos gives an idea of the mountain symphony that comprises the steep and varied landscape of Asturias. What’s more, a scenic balcony is much more than a vantage point; it is a place for rest, conversation and enjoying a good picnic after a long hike, always against the continuous backdrop of the Asturian landscape… no matter where you look!


Teixedal Lakes… the most out-of-the-way discovery


These comprise a group of high mountain lakes at different elevations around Rabo de Asno Peak: Laringuín, La Yerba, Negra and PozuXirona.They might be said to be the most out-of-the-way discovery in Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña e Ibias Nature Park.

There where the bear roams, in the area from Xinestou to Altu l’Acebu Crest, the mountains offer up surprises and discoveries like these charming, unexpected lakes that give an idea of the exuberance of the Asturian countryside.

Teixedal Lakes

A panoramic view of this group of lakes is an authentic gift for the senses…


Lake Enol… the scene stealer


The Lakes of Covadonga are like true movie stars, known the world over, and have been filmed and photographed by professionals and travellers from all climes. A visit to Asturias without seeing the lakes is like being in a garden and not smelling the flowers...

Lake Enol

It is true that there are two, Enol and Ercina; although it is likewise true that the first you come to with actual panoramic views is Lake Enol. It is splendid all year round. At this time of year, when the snow makes its appearance on the peaks and the reflections of autumn can be seen in its ice-cold waters, it offers a spectacular scene.


La Regalina… the great lookout post over the western coast


La Regalina Chapel and the nearby raised granary-cum-storehouse make an extraordinary ensemble for both their beauty and location. They surely enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the entire western coast of Asturias.

At their feet, Cadavedo Beach, also known as La Ribeirona Beach, and on the horizon, the ocean and dozens of beaches, coves, cliffs, capes and other natural features as far as the eye can see and the heart can feel.

Views from La Regalina

A delightful spot to soak up the scenery.


Canchongo high mountain meadows and lakes or panoramic Quirós


Quirós is one of the quintessential mountain boroughs of Asturias. Boasting a rock-climbing and mountaineering tradition, it offers innumerable routes and possibilities for nature lovers.

One of these routes is the one that allows you to discover the Canchongohigh mountain meadows (brañas) and lakes, in the surroundings of Bárzana.Those in the know say that it is an easy-going route suitable for all comers and, above all, that it surprises hikers for its beauty and the panoramic views to be enjoyed in the area.

Brañas y lagunas de Canchongo

Without a doubt, it represents the spirit of panoramic Quirós.


The Eo Estuary… a bird’s eye view from the mountains


Oh, to be a bird and fly over the Eo Estuary... so much beauty in one fell swoop! That is what travellers and hikers who come to this area, a listed Biosphere Reserve, must think as they enjoy the many panoramic views of this estuary from Castropol or Figueras.

The most intrepid explorers, those who venture up into the mountains –in the surroundings of Louteiro– receive their justreward: amazing panoramic views of the entire valley, with Vegadeo as a backdrop, and a fair stretch of the estuary right up to its mouth, including the Puente de los Santos (Saints’ Bridge) on the horizon.

The Eo Estuary

Don’t forget to bring your binoculars and camera and enjoy these wonderful panoramic views!

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