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Here's a sensation called Asturias
16 jun

Even more so at this time of the year, Asturias is theperfect thrill, one evoking unusual sensations or those memories many would give half their lives to experience once again.Asturias is magnificent… so surprising, so unexpected, so friendly! That is why we want to give you the gift of emotions. Emotions to help you “recharge your battery”, renew your enthusiasm, recapture your dreams or launch new projects with those who love you, in a land that always welcomes you.

Asturias is a thousand different emotions, all associated with moments, places, people, wishes, objectives, landscapes, passions, hopes, explosions of light and colour, the heat of summer and cold of winter, hidden nooks and crannies, discoveries, land and water routes, a surge of life and dreams… and so much more!

This sensation called Asturias unfurls into dozens of feelings... We offer you the gift of different emotions in one single destination; one that will take you to places that aren’tjust found on maps.

We give you a sea of clouds!


In Asturias, the clouds are part of the scenery, of the collective imagination… They appear and disappear; they are blown away by the wind and time and condense on the landscape in the form of fog, haze, mist or brume … So many names for clouds and fog! So much literature! They are the essence of drizzle and rain. They constantly change the landscape’s relief and light… making it rise up like a giant or disappear as if by magic.

In the midst of this amazing panorama, without a doubt one of the most striking phenomena is the sea of clouds enveloping the landscape in fog, which from high is seen as a huge white blanket that, unlike the ocean, vanishes in minutes or hours to suddenly giveus back our valleys and mountains.

Sea of clouds in San Martín de Oscos

We give you a burst of colour in the sky...


The sky in Asturias is a blessing. Clean, pure, with a thousand shapes and colours.The biosphere becomes transparent and crystalline, like the water of the high mountain rivers with their limestone beds, like the sea warmed by the sun’s rayswith its fine white sand and turquoise colours. And that blessed mix of clouds and rain and raindrops suspended in mid-air gives rise to a wonder called the rainbow, which, when viewed from high up in the mountains, is a burst of colours… like a kind of gaseous blowhole that permeates the eye with immeasurable intensity.

Rainbow in the Picos de Europa

We give you a shrine at the top of the mountain…


Follow hiking trails, cross streams via impossible bridges, climb slopes, be dazzled by the sun and caressed by the sky. Sweat and scenery are your companions, while at the end of the trail, at the top of the mountain, a solitary, peaceful chapel appears, as if it had been waiting for you for a thousand years...

Shrine in Degaña

We give a town square in the middle of the night…


Is there any greater pleasure than a leisurely stroll after dinner, a few glasses of wine or a bottle or two of cider? The scene is idyllic: a historic old quarter, the sound of the wind and the night, the lights illuminating the buildings and statues, and suddenly the charm of a small town, of a village, of a city, set between the mountains and the sea... Suddenly, a square in the middle of the night becomes a special, unforgettable spot.


We give you a pool on the course of a river...


Asturian rivers are a constant source of beauty and nature in its purest state. Their courses offer a meander, a brook, rapids, a backwater, a pool, the prospect of a salmon or a trout, the forcefulness of a rocky bend in the river, the beauty of a gorge, a canyon, ravines, a waterfall… Somewhere along any river, peace can be found for the spirit, repose, for the body, an unexpected experience…

Santa Eulalia de Oscos

We give you a sublime waterfall……


A lush, green land of fairy-tale woods and woodland tales. A land of myths and legends, of stories marked by the magic of the landscape and its people. At the end of the path, in a clearing in the wood, a sublime waterfall... Words fail you, but the memory remains, along with the abiding nostalgia that draws you back.

Cioyo Waterfall in Castropol

We give you a path teeming with spirits from the ages...


This is the way ofways, boasting centuries of history and legend. It was rose from the dream of an Asturian king. From the Middle Ages right up until the present day, thousands, millions of souls have trodden, roamed or walked this road in search of an ideal. It is a path teeming with spirits from all ages… a path of eternal spirituality. It is the Road to Santiago, the Way of St James, the utopia of a king, a universal dream...

St James’ Way between La Isla (Colunga) and Sebrayu (Villaviciosa)

We give you snow and the vast sea...


There are contrasts that make you want to live life to the fullest… and that happens in Asturias. Viewing the sea from imposing peaks is always a gratifying, yet infrequent sensation… it is an immense privilege that Asturias has reserved for you. In a single glance, snow in the mountains with the sea as a backdrop, or vice versa… It seems dreamlike, but it is real. It’s like dreaming with your eyes open!

The Bay of Biscay from the Picos de Europa

And what about you? Why not offer us a gift, too, by coming to Asturias? We look forward to seeing you... without fail!

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