San Timoteo in Luarca. Valdés

San Timoteo in Luarca. Valdés

Luarca/L.luarca hosts the festival of San Timoteo, a festival that many consider to be the most joyful, explosive and participatory of those that take place throughout Asturias.

This event has been declared a Festival of Tourist Interest of the Principality of Asturias.

It lasts a whole week, beginning on the Sunday before with the delivery of the bun and wine to the members of the brotherhood, who enjoy it while reading La Pastoral, where the most important events and anecdotes of the year in Luarca are humorously described.

Children's costumes, musical performances and lively open-air dances lead to the festive high point, the big day, when the pilgrims set off at ten in the morning for the pilgrimage field, in a civic procession around the popular horse-drawn wine cart, to the delightful accompaniment of bagpipe groups, tireless brass bands, marching bands and thousands of pilgrims. A crowd, dressed in a variety of different coloured blouses - the chambrones - depending on the group to which they belong, carrying sticks and the typical T of bread around their necks, walk through the village and along the road to the place of the fiesta, in an unforgettable atmosphere that lasts throughout the day - picnic included - until nine in the evening, when the return journey begins; a difficult return for those who have not taken part in the fiesta, which culminates on arrival at the village park.

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