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Nature, culture, gastronomy, art, festivals, rural tourism, adventure… You will find everything you need on the Turismo Asturias app.


Over 5,000 data sheets on tourism resources.
Over 6,000 photographs.
Over 3,000 data sheets directly linked to websites and phone numbers for tourism resources.
Interactive maps for all the resources.
Online bookings.


The App enables information to be stored and checked offline when users do not have an internet connection.


Integrated with mobile device sensors, it links phone numbers and emails with the terminal's native applications.


The App allows users to geolocate establishments and resources, based on the position of the mobile device user.

App features


Enables events in the Turismo Asturias calendar to be merged with users' personal calendars.


Enables the option of saving information of interest for users in "Favourites" when designing their customised journey.


The tourism app is compatible with all smartphones with IOS or Android operating systems.

What's new in the app

The whole of Asturias in the palm of your hand

The #ParaísoNatural is the quintessential seducer in terms of its nature, culture and landscapes. Come and discover it!


    Asturias has six Biosphere Reserves and over seventy protected nature areas. Discover its landscapes: coast and beaches, its routes and mountains...


    Asturias has an incredible History, boasting a rich cultural heritage and extremely attractive tourism resources.


    Asturias is an excellent fertile region with a rich gastronomic heritage, expertly combining ancestral traditions with modern creativity.

Todos los contenidos están geoposicionados

La app mostrará información completa y geolocalizada de todos los recursos turísticos. Las rutas de senderismo, en coche o en BTT las podrás visualizar geoposicionadas en un mapa, así como el gran itinerario cultural del Camino de Santiago a su paso por Asturias.



This image gallery offers a visual summary of all the tourism information about Asturias for you to download to your mobile device.

Search screen

Screen with a list of resources

Screen from the geolocation map

Screen for a resource information sheet

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