Asturians… the best experience
Gente de Asturias

One of the bonuses that Asturias presents as a tourist and free-time destination is its people. It would be possible in this brief introduction to lavish praise and fine adjectives outlining the abundant merits of the Asturian people, but perhaps the best thing is to encourage you to get to know Asturias through its people and their way of life.

Someone wise once said long ago that "above all you fall in love with a person's way of being" and it is precisely in this respect that Asturians are truly charming: in their way of being, in the way they relate to people, in their extremely sociable culture.

If one were to draw up a "code" of those personality traits and customs that make the descendants of the indomitable Astures individuals particularly gifted at making visitors to the region feel at home, certain essential points would definitely have to be included.

Code of Asturian Charm
  1. If you ask how to get to any place in the Principality, you will most likely see your question answered and may even be "guided" there.
  2. If you get to a fiesta and don't really know what's going on, a group will soon appear to explain things to you and make you feel part of the "scene".
  3. It is customary to be offered a small tapa o "pica-pica" when you order a bottle of cider in many establishments.
  4. It is important to try some natural cider with Asturians. You will learn the true meaning of socializing in a lively gathering of friends that often ends with the singing of typical cider tavern songs.
  5. If you choose the rural tourism option, you will find places in the village where home-made or farmhouse produce is made, i.e. what in today's terminology is called organic, sustainable produce.
  6. These products, such as milk, bread, jam, butter, compotes, cheese, etc., are normally good value for money.
  7. Of course, the locals will kindly treat you to the first tasting.
  8. It is also easy to become integrated in everyday life in the cities and towns and take part in festivities, sports and cultural activities or simply in a spontaneous conversation with the people of Asturias, who are expressive, affable and usually enjoy a good chat.
  9. Wherever you are, at sea, in the mountains, in a village, in the city, you will always find a helping hand to make your experience in Asturias both unique and unforgettable.
  10. Because this age-old European Principality is "home to one and all".
The code in pictures...

You'll never feel like an outsider at an Asturian fiesta. Asturians are charmers by nature and love to make friends.

At home

In any village or hamlet you'll find produce you can trust… produce that is home-made, tasty, traditional and of assured quality which you'll be able to sample in a friendly atmosphere.

Enjoying cider

You'll share tapas, velvet swimming crabs, periwinkles or any other local treat to pair with cider, accompanied by music and cider tavern songs while enjoying a good conversation.

En route

Wherever you are, at sea, in the mountains, in a village, in the city, you will always find a helping hand to make your experience in Asturias unforgettable.