Sport on the coast

Are you one of those people who takes to swimming like a duck to water? Jump into the Cantabrian to have fun with unforgettable experiences such as surfing. Tapia, L.luarca, Salinas, Gijón/Xixón, Rodiles, La Espasa, Ribadesella/Ribeseya and Llanes are situated on the maps of the lovers of one of the most accepted sports in the Principality thanks to the quality of the waves and sandbanks.

Experienced surfers rub shoulders in the water with novices. Across the whole coast, mainly in the warm months, you can learn in numerous schools, that provide you with courses as well as material for practicing. You will enjoy the quality of the waves in any of the best beaches, such as Penarronda and Grande beach in the Western area; Salinas, El Espartal and San Lorenzo in the central area; and España beach, Rodiles and Vega in the Eastern area.

You will be surrounded by the atmosphere of events as exceptional as the Surfing Championship of Tapia (spring); in Salinas, Longboard (July), declared a Celebration of Tourist Interest, and Surf, Music and Friends (August) or Motorbeach in Caravia (July).

Surfing Festival (Castrillón)Surfing Festival (Castrillón).

Fans of swimming have an event in the form of the Navia Estuary Swim, of National Tourist Interest.

Other sports such as diving, scuba diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, water skiing, paddleboarding, jet skiing, canoeing, rowing and kayaking, amongst others also enjoy great acceptance, and will provide you a fun day in the fresh air either on the open sea or in the estuaries of the coast.

Kayaking (Ortigueira - Coaña)Kayaking (Ortigueira - Coaña).
On board your own vessel or a rented one, enjoy a perfect getaway across the waters of the Cantabrian with a different perspective. Or, if you prefer, you can participate in an organised walk.

The geology and climate suit the personality of the Asturian coast, with fauna and flora representative of each natural space. The Eo, Villaviciosa and Tina Mayor estuaries have become sea bird observation centres for nature lovers.

Gijón/Xixón MarinaGijón/Xixón Marina.

For hiking, you will enjoy a network of coastal paths through spectacular landscapes.

Coastal path (Muros de Nalón)Coastal path (Muros de Nalón).
From Bustio to A Veiga/Vegadeo, on foot or by bike, appropriate for all ages, travel in fourteen stages up to three hundred and forty-five kilometres covering beaches, cliffs, coves and forests. Discover the kilometres that separate Llanes and Celoriu; the Morís sandbank and La Griega beach, in Colunga; La Ñora and Gijón/Xixón; Arnáu and San Xuan; Navia and El Porto/Viavélez, or the distance between Tapia and A Veiga/Vegadeo, among others. Parts coincide with the official paths of the Coastal St James Way or the Northern Way. Become one of the pilgrims and enjoy on foot the coast of one of the oldest European itineraries, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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