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Étape 1: Oviedo - El Escamplero
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Stage 1: Oviedo - El Escamplero
11 kms
Layout of the route
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The route begins before the figure of The Saviour in Oviedo Cathedral. The city is marked out with bronze scallop shells embedded in the pavements of the streets of San Juan, La Luna, Covadonga, Melquiades Álvarez, Independencia and La Argañosa up to the exit of the old pilgrim road in El Pontón de Riello. From here, take the paved road to San Lazaro de Paniceres, in the parish of Lillo, and to Les Campes where a turning to the right skirts Mount Naranco to lead to the Chapel of El Carmen in Lampajúa (Llampaxuga). Then head downhill to the place known as La Pipera, to the road leading to Lloriana and then down to La Bolguina, where the route links up with the AS-232 (Oviedo-El Escamplero). Follow this road to the right to cross the River Nora over the medieval bridge called Ponte de Gallegos, which allows you to enter the borough of Las Regueras, which gained independence from the Bishopric of Oviedo in 1380. At the end of Gallegos, take a turning to the right which heads into the chestnut wood called ​​El Castañéu del Soldau and leads to Molino de Quintos. From there, head uphill once again through La Carrilona back to the AS-232, near Venta L'Escampleru. At the fork in the road, take the AS-234 towards Santullano, passing by the Church of Santa María before reaching the pilgrim hostel in El Escamplero.