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Cenera Asturian Market
Mieres (Centre)
Traditional Market
19th and 20th September 2015
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Cenera travels back to a more rural and traditional Asturias right in the 21st century

The market is held in the village of Cenera, which boasts a lovely typical natural country setting, full of old stone buildings and hórreos (raised granaries-cum-storehouses), which contribute to the atmosphere and feel of a traditional Asturian mercau. About a hundred artisans attend this event, showing their work and in many cases, exhibiting their skills while making new products on the spot. There are also live demonstrations of traditional crafts in Asturias, such as those of blacksmiths, weavers, etc. Although it is difficult to get bored, the organizers try to bring something new to each year's market, including well-known Asturian theatre companies and street entertainers. And, naturally, gastronomy is important. There are many typical Asturian food stalls and street taverns or chigres where you can enjoy fine cider.

Cenera Asturian Market