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Candás Clarín Market
Carreño (Centre)
Traditional Market
Second fortnight in June
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Mercado Clariniano de Candás
Candás recreates the 19th century and the best passages from the works of Asturian novelist 'Clarín'
Each year, the Clarín Market represents a genuine 19th-century scene, a period in which the well-known Asturian writer Leopoldo Alas aka Clarín walked the streets of Candás, a town which served as inspiration for some of his works. The stalls offer local handicrafts from all over Asturias and visitors can enjoy live demonstrations in pottery, painting, textiles, leatherwork and lace making, among other events. In addition to the many stands where you can get something to eat or drink, there is a specially prepared marquee to sample tasty ribs, chorizos, savoury pies, cider and wine, all at reasonable prices.
Candás Clarín Market