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Noreña Traditional Market
Noreña (Centre)
Traditional Market
Weekend following the feast of El Pilar (12th October)
Mercado Tradicional de Noreña
The gastronomy of pork as a veritable experience
The traditional market has been organized for some ten years now by the "Knights of the Order of the Sabadiego". Artisans from all over the region take part in this event, mainly offering foodstuffs. Noteworthy among these is the "Sabadiego Tavern" stand, which sells vacuum-packed cured sausages-cum-blood puddings called sabadiegos produced by the factories in Noreña, as well as bread rolls filled with fried sabadiegos, which is the most appetizing cured meat cured meat product from this county town. Special mention should also be made of the confectionery products made in the local bakeries, including Pepona doughnuts, savoury pies, Swiss rolls, and bollos preñaos (literally, "pregnant" buns, stuffed with spicy chorizo). Not to mention wheat and spelt wheat breads, etc, sold by bakers from Grado and Salas. Another interesting section of the market consists of artisan cheeses, which are usually in great demand. It is held in October, usually on the weekend following the feast of El Pilar (12th October).
Noreña Traditional Market