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Markets and Fairs in Grado
Grado (Centre)
Traditional Market
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Mercadón de Otoño
Grado, cradle of traders and markets
The Town of Grado has historically stood out as one of the most active in Asturias as regards the holding of markets and fairs. It has an extensive annual calendar of events, among which the following stand out: The "First Flower", an event during which the Asturian White Bean or Faba and Related Products Competition is held. That is, it is devoted exclusively to food products. It always coincides with the first Sunday after Easter. The "Second Flower": This is the Big Spring Market, also devoted exclusively to foodstuffs, which usually takes place within six weeks of the first. Santiago Crafts Fair: This is a specialized crafts fair which coincides more or less with the feast of Santiago, in the second fortnight of July. Spelt Wheat Competition: Devoted exclusively to products made with spelt wheat, it is held during the first fortnight of September. The Big Autumn Market combines crafts and foodstuffs, and is held in the first fortnight of October.
Markets and Fairs in Grado