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Somiedo Night Market
Somiedo (Centre)
Traditional Market
1st fortnight in August
Mercao de Somiedo
The riches of high mountain products
Somiedo Market seeks to recover the tradition of traditional markets while empowering local artisans and producers and the region. Over thirty artisans attend this event: leather, jewellery (silver and jet), ceramics, pottery, produce of the land such as honey, jams, liqueurs and, of course, cured meats and roxa beef, the meat of Somiedo Nature Park. There are also wood artisans and a bar or two to accompany all these experiences with a draught of cider. The aim is to promote everything related to crafts and foodstuffs in Somiedo Nature Park, as one of its greatest assets. The market, which starts around noon and continues late into the evening, also features a variety of activities: tastings of local produce, theatre and festive activities for children and musical performances with a programme designed to please all comers.
Somiedo Night Market