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Porrúa Market
Llanes (East)
Traditional Market
4th weekend in August
Mercáu de Porrúa
A pioneer among traditional markets
Renowned for its innovative cultural approaches, Llacín de Porrúa Cultural Association always holds its classic traditional market on the fourth weekend in August in the circular El Parque plaza opened in 1934, which has two rings of trees and a unique kiosk. With two decades of history under its belt, Porrúa Market was the first of these events -now commonplace- to be organized in Asturias. That is perhaps one of the keys to understanding why it is one of the festive events most frequented by the public in the borough of Llanes, despite being fairly recently instituted. The setting it takes place in makes it a unique and very popular event for all comers. One of its salient features is the major involvement of the village of Porrúa, whose local residents selflessly collaborate and take over a significant proportion of the stalls the organization prepares, such as the tavern, griddle plate, barbecue, snack bar or serving crepes (frixuelos ), sweet and savoury fritters (churros and tortos), sardines, desserts, coffee and liqueurs. But it is also a showcase for crafts and entertainment intertwined over two full days, where period attire plays a unique role, being a requisite to participate in the different events and tasks. Around a hundred and fifty people from the village of Porrúa alone dress up for the event. As regards crafts, there are around ninety-five stalls (limited by the available space), twenty of which function as live-demonstration workshops, allowing visitors to take a look at artisans plying their trade on the spot: bowl makers, blacksmiths, silversmiths, jet artisans, cobblers, potters, cowbell makers, artisans of wood, leather, etc. Other stalls display and sell other handicrafts.
Porrúa Market