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Valdés-Salas House-Palace
Salas (Western Asturias)
Contact Address
985 830 988

It currently houses a hotel and the tourist office. Arrange a visit by phone: 985 830 988

Casa Palacio de Valdés-Salas
It was the family home of the founder of the University of Oviedo.

The house-palace of the Valdés-Salas family is located in the centre of the town of Salas, forming an ensemble with the medieval tower to which it is connected via a bridge over a narrow semi-circular arch.

It was built in the first half of the 16th century, with a U-shaped ground plan around a closed courtyard with a faux façade in/at the south and an adjoining chapel on the east façade.

The central courtyard has octagonal wooden columns with footings that support the open running balcony.

The main façade, built of masonry, consists of a central body flanked by two square towers with hipped roofs, giving it the appearance of a fortified palace.

The semi-circular arched doorway with large voussoirs is located in the centre of the ground floor. Light enters through irregularly arranged loopholes and ashlar-framed bays. The towers are topped with an overhanging tiled cornice.

The south façade has a semi-circular arched doorway in the centre and a side window on the ground floor. On the main floor, there is a balcony with a parapet on a rectangular tiled overhang forming a curve that corresponds to the semi-circular apse of the palace chapel, formerly under the patronage of Our Lady of the Street/de la Calle.

The chapel, remodeled in the 18th century, preserves the barrel vault of the nave and the cul-de-four in the apse, much higher than the nave.

It was restored by the Regional Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the Salas Town Council.

Valdés-Salas House-Palace