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Mon Mansion
San Martín de Oscos (Western Asturias)
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This legendary mansion was built in several phases during the 18th century.

Asturian Baroque mansion with Galician influences. It is irregular in shape and is structured around a central courtyard. The main façade, facing south, has a lower central body between two square towers.

The tower on the right, facing southeast, is constructed of rough stone and constitutes the original structure of the mansion, possibly dating from the 16th century, while the rest of the building, built in the late 17th or 18th century, was built in ashlar.

The most significant part is the central body, where the main entrance is flanked by lintelled windows. On the upper floor, there are overhanging balconies with wrought iron balustrades and three large coats of arms. The central escutcheon, which is larger in size, bears the coat of arms of the House of Mon.

The gabled and hipped roofs are covered in slate, as is customary in the area.

Mon Mansion
GPS:43.269675, -6.915208