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The Pallozas de Ibias Interpretation Centre
Ibias (Western Asturias)
Contact Address
San Antolín.33810, San Antolín (capital)
985 816 101 (Ayto) / 615 164 329 (Turismo)
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  • Tuesday to Sunday: 12:00pm-6:40pm

    Closed on Monday

    Free admission

A true reflection of rural ethnography.

Located near San Antolín Recreational Area​​, it comprises a reconstruction of a traditional palloza, built in keeping with the techniques, media and materials from the area.

These constructions are heir to hill fort buildings and are akin to the stone huts found in the herdmen's mountain pasture hamelts or brañas in Somiedo.

A re-creation of a traditional circular or oval hut, enclosed by thick masonry without any mortar and covered with rye straw, showing how our ancestors lived.

The Pallozas de Ibias Interpretation Centre