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Gamonedo Cheese Interpretation Centre
Onís (Eastern Asturias)
Contact Address
33556. Demués (Onís)
616 212 483
  • Prior booking required.


The centre reproduces the history and process of cheesemaking in the Picos de Europa.

Located in the old schoolhouses in Demués, the aim of the Gamonedo Cheese Interpretation Centre is to explain the process of cheesemaking, as well as to make the work of herding and grazing in the Picos de Europa known to the public at large.

Herders in the Picos de Europa are the ones who have made this cheese for many decades, following traditional family recipes handed down from generation to generation. This cheese is now one of the most appreciated in the region, and boasts its own Designation of Origin. It is made with milk from cows, goats and sheep and is traditionally matured in natural caves in the Picos de Europa. New cheese factories mature the product under temperature and moisture conditions similar to those employed in the more traditional method.

Gamonedo Cheese Interpretation Centre