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Turón Valley Mining Landscape
Mieres (Central Asturias)
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Valle de Turón 33610, Turón
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For a century, from the late 19th up to the end of the 20th century, the Turón Valley was a reference for Asturian mining

This Turón Valley landscape combines nature and countryside with urban and peri-urban areas, organized around a river constituting its backbone and the vestiges of an old mining railroad, now a greenway.

It is in fact an industrial landscape that brings together a remarkable catalogue of heritage landmarks, including some as emblematic as Fortuna Colliery, Espinas Pit, Santa Bárbara Pit, San José Pit, Figaredo Pit, and villages like Figaredo, Reicastro, La Cuadriella, etc. All of them living testimonies of a unique industrial culture. Some of these resources can be visited and a documented route is well worth the walk.

Turón Valley Mining Landscape
GPS:43.210750, -5.736606