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Territory (Oscos-Eo)
Contact Address
Summertime: La Fuente, 15
More information in Town Hall of Castropol, Plaza del Ayuntamiento
33760 Castropol
670 558 014 (en verano) / 985 635 001 (resto del año)
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Further information:

    • Castropol's Old Quarter.
    • The fishing town of Figueras.
    • Cioyo Waterfall, Penarronda Beach and the Eo Estuary.
    • Eo Estuary Interpretation Centre.
  • Via the A-8 dual carriageway and the N-634

  • Population: 3,713 inhabitants

    Area: 125.77 km2

Estuary and sea, coast and mountains, Nature Reserve, oysters and sports, marinas and boatyards, seafood cuisine, festivities, charming trails, colonial Indiano architecture and mansions, old quarters... That's Castropol, more than you can imagine...

Castropol is bathed by the Eo Estuary, a Nature Reserve that affords this coastal borough both riverside and sea airs. The estuary is the perfect setting for quiet boating trips where plant and wildlife species can be seen in addition to the peaceful life of its surroundings where there is a bit of almost everything: oyster farming - whose colourful rafts right on the estuary can be visited by tourists -, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, wind-surfing, paddle-surfing, sailing, bird watching and much, much more... all in an oasis of tranquillity and outstanding amenities, including Figueras Harbour, a cosy spot with a marina and boatyards, as well as excellent seafood. Other natural spots of beauty in the borough are to be found inland, in the hills, especially the Obanza Valley and Cioyo Waterfall.


The borough capital, the Town of Castropol boasts a culturally interesting old quarter where you can see outstanding examples of palatial houses and colonial Indiano architecture. A town which during Corpus Christi is adorned with carpets of flowers, giving rise to one of the most original and spectacular celebrations in Asturias.

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