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Territory (Parque Histórico del Navia)
Contact Address
Plaza del Campo. 33735 Pezós/Pesoz
985 627 000 / 985 627 014
    • Pesoz Ethnological Museum.
    • Ron Mansion (private, not open to visitors).
    • Argul.
    • La Paicega Scenic Balcony.
  • Via the AS-12 and AS-13

  • Population: 191 inhabitants

    Area: 38.97 km2

High Mountain Vineyards and Ethnological Museum, slate architecture, Ron Mansion, Village of Argul and Settlement of La Paicepa. And as a backdrop... the River Navia. A rugged yet friendly land. That's Pesoz.

Nestled in the steepest and most rugged depths of western Asturias is Pesoz,, which like the rest of the surrounding boroughs, enjoys a benevolent micro-climate that allows it to be a land of vineyards, thus adding it to the list of western boroughs that also includes Allande, Cangas del Narcea, Degaña, Ibias, Grandas, Illano and Tineo, which produce the unique high-mountain wine found in Asturias. Precisely for this reason, Pesoz has a very popular wine festival as well as an Ethnological Museum, in which the history of western "Astur" vineyards is explained.

In terms of religious architecture, there is the Church of Santiago - Romanesque in origin- in the borough capital. Another noteworthy gem is Ron Mansion, built in stone and slate which is characteristic of the area. However, the most exotic and original sight is the village of Argul, unique in Asturias for its architecture dominated by galleries and tunnels, and where the houses literally rest on the rock face. This unique site, boasting several chapels, was the birthplace of the Baroque sculptor Juan Alonso Villabrille y Ron, who worked at the court of Philip V. In this tour of exotic places, the visitor cannot miss out on the workers' settlement called La Paicega,which was built in the mid-20th century for those working on Salime Dam and has spectacular views over the River Navia.

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