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Territory (Comarca Vaqueira)
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Plaza El Fontán, 22. 33870 Tinéu
985 900 202
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Further information:

    • Town of Tinéu Historic Site and Museum of Sacred Art
    • Exemplary Towns of Navelgas and Tuña
    • Merías Dolmen and Oubona Monastery
    • Valentín's Oak Tree and the River Esva Gorges.
  • Via the AS-215, AS-216 and AS-217

  • Population: 10,829 inhabitants

    Area: 540.83 km2

Tineo, the second largest municipality in Asturias, is a land of Exemplary Towns: Tuña and Navelgas. On St James' Way, a land of herdsmen, of prehistory, mining and gold panning, of the cured sausage called chosco, and of Celtic skittles, hunting, fishing and hiking, along with a lively capital, a listed Historic Site.

It is the second largest municipality in Asturias, and its vast territory boasts numerous cultural, historical and tourist references that make Tineo a place with deep roots and character. It is aland of Exemplary Towns, as both Tuña and Navelgas hold this award. Tuña is known for the many mansions and country houses that comprise the village and also for being the birthplace of General Riego. What's more, the scenic route that leads to Merías Dolmen is nearby. Navelgas is the gateway to the Roman gold route and the place where national and international gold panning championships are held, as well as being home to the Gold Museum

Tineo boasts thriving industrial and agrofood activities, being one of the largest milk producers in Asturias and having as gastronomic hallmark the coveted delicacy in the form of a hardy cured sausage that the people of Tineo call chosco. Furthermore, the Town of Tinéu, the borough capital, has an active social agenda and busy fair; it is also a listed Historic Site and its Sacred Art Museum is unique in Asturias, as is Oubona Monastery, one of the jewels of the Original Way of St James as it passes through the borough.

As regards Nature, the surroundings of Pilotuerto Reservoir and Valentín's Oak Tree are must-sees, to name just two examples. As to traditions, some of these can be seen in Narval Herdsmen Museum and what is surely one of the most striking and peculiar forms of bowls known as Celtic or Tineo skittles. In addition to local sports, the borough is ideal for hunting, fishing, hiking, picking fruit and mushroom hunting. The often-celebrated local passion for motor racing is also well-known, as seen in the long-established Town of Tinéu Rally. That's Tineo... a land of mines, on the Way of St James, indigenous, ecological and refined.

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