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Western Coastline
Valdés y Cudillero (Western Asturias)
52 km2
Contact Address

Tourist Office
Puerto del Oeste.
33150 Cudillero

Phone 985 591 377 / 985 591 452

Plaza Alfonso X El Sabio
Palacio de Gamoneda
33700 Luarca

Phone 985 640 083

  • The Western Coastline Protected Landscape comprises a coastal strip about 35 kilometres long, located in the boroughs of Valdés and Cudillero.

  • Plant life

    There are two major types of vegetation present here. In areas where the influence of the sea is felt, such as on the cliffs, herbaceous communities and bushes of different types grow, while groups of birches and the occasional oak and alder appear at higher elevations.


    The predominant wildlife includes wild boars, foxes, squirrels, badgers and various sea birds, noteworthy among which is the European shag. There is also a significant population of salmon and trout in the rivers, especially in the Esva.

Beautiful pebble beaches and breath-taking cliffs make up the Western Coastline Protected Landscape.

The Western Coastline Protected Landscape is a narrow coastal strip overlooking the sea with large expanses of meadows and grasslands, preserving relatively inaccessible coastal areas of great value. It also has cliffs, rocky beaches of great beauty and villages with deep-rooted maritime and cultural traditions, where the presence of Indianos, the returning emigrants who had made their fortune in the Americas, has left its mark.

This protected landscape is located on a coastal strip divided by two rivers, the Esva and the Esqueiro. Other streams, such as the Cabo, run through the strip at several points.

One of the key elements of the landscape are the magnificent cliffs of this coastal area, below which can be found coves and pebble beaches like Concha de Artedo Cove and El Silencio Beach.

Western Coastline