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Peña Ubiña
Quirós y Lena (Central Asturias)
132 km2
Contact Address

Tourist Office
Corner of El Marqués
de San Feliz, 2
33630 Pola de Lena

Phone 985 497 608

  • Peña Ubiña Protected Landscape is located in the centre of the Asturian mountains, between the boroughs of Quirós and Lena, bounded on the south by León. It includes the upper reaches of the Rivers Ricabo, Lindes and Huerna.

  • Plant life

    Oak, birch and beech are the main types of forest vegetation in this sector of the central Asturian mountains. Beech is undoubtedly the most abundant species, with large areas of beech forest still existing in the headwaters of the Rivers Ricabo and Lindes. The undergrowth primarily comprises bilberry.


    In the most recondite areas of Peña Ubiña Protected Landscape, far from roads and highways, coexist the typical representatives of Asturian wildlife: the brown bear, wolf, deer, chamois, otter, capercaillie, golden eagle, Egyptian vulture, Griffon vulture, peregrine falcon, hawk and partridge.

Peña Ubiña Protected Landscape, a mecca for rock climbers.

Peña Ubiña is one of the highest peaks in Asturias and the highest peak in the massif named after it. It is also a mecca for climbing enthusiasts, who find this mountain a perfect destination both in summer and winter. The peak can be climbed via a number of routes.

It is one of the richest and most diverse areas of the Asturian mountains, with narrow valleys covered with dense forests, bare crags surrounded by small streams and countless mountain passes.

Peña Ubiña