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Caldoveiro Peak
Grado, Yernes y Tameza, Proaza y Teverga (Central Asturias)
113 km2
Contact Address

Camín Real de la Mesa
Visitor Information
and Reception Centre
Eduardo Sierra, 10.
Palacio Fontela. 33820 Grado

Phone 985 754 633

Information Office
Parque de San Antonio.
33820 Grado

Phone 628 361 919 /
985 753 073 (A.D.L.)

Tourist Office
C/ Doctor García Miranda.
33111 San Martín - Teverga

Phone 985 764 293

Proaza Town Hall
Plaza de la Abadía, s/n.
33114 Proaza

Phone 985 761 001

Yernes and Tameza
Town Hall. Villabre, s/n

Phone 985 972 303

  • The Caldoveiro Peak Protected Landscape encompasses part of the boroughs of Grado, Yernes y Tameza, Proaza and Teverga.

  • Plant life

    In terms of vegetation, the most significant species are alder and willow, as well as groups of white oak, Pyrenean oak, holm oak, beech and birch. Heath and broom predominate in the higher reaches.


    This picturesque landscape is the habitat of such emblematic species as the bear, otter and capercaillie, three species that deserve special protection. Large game is well represented here, with plenty of roe deer, deer and wild boar.

At 1,357 metres, Caldoveiro Peak is the source of the headwaters of the River Tamiza and lends its name to this Protected Landscape.
The varied vegetation of this nature area and the different processes of erosion that sculpt contrasting terrain form a picturesque landscape dotted with small mountain lakes and high pastures with stone huts known as corros.

One of the most interesting karst systems in the region, the Puertos de Marabio Natural Monument, is located within this area communicating Yernes y Tameza with Teverga. Here you can set off on the Bear's Trail, either on foot or by bike, and head down to Proaza to visit the Bear's House.

Caldoveiro Peak