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The Cuera Range
Cabrales, Llanes, Peñamellera Alta, Peñamellera Baja y Ribadedeba (Eastern Asturias)
Open to the public


133 km2
Maximum elevation
1,315 m at Turbina Peak
Contact Address

Tourist Office.
Alfonso IX, La Torre.
33500 Llanes

Phone 985 400 164

Tourist Office.
Carretera General.
33554 Las Arenas

Phone 985 846 484

Tourist Office.
Carretera Colombres-Bustio.
33590 Colombres

Phone 985 412 321

Peñamellera Alta
Tourist Office.
33578 Trescares.

Phone 985 415 889
(summer only)

Peñamellera Baja
Tourist Office.
Carretera General.
33570 Panes

Phone 985 414 297
(summer only)

  • The Cuera Range Protected Landscape, in eastern Asturias, embraces the boroughs of Cabrales, Llanes, Peñamellera Alta, Peñamellera Baja and Ribadedeva.

  • Plant life

    In this privileged location, from which you can admire the breath-taking views of the Picos de Europa, the forest vegetation consists basically of beech, oak and holm oak.

    The limestone areas are mainly populated by thorny broom and some heather, while in areas with a siliceous substrate, i.e., on the lower levels of both slopes, moorland predominates.


    Noteworthy among the wildlife found here are foxes, martens and wildcats, in addition to abundant deer and wild boar.

    Golden eagles, vultures, Egyptian vultures and other large birds of prey can likewise be seen soaring overhead. Wallcreepers and red rockers can also be spotted here.

    There are more than 20 species of amphibians and reptiles, some of them endemic to the Iberian Peninsula, enjoying different degrees of conservation and abundance.

A coastal mountain range in a privileged location in eastern Asturias forming the Cuera Range Protected Landscape.

It comprises a limestone ridge running parallel to the coast, constituting a clear example of a coastal mountain range in which typical mountain conditions are modified by the proximity of the sea.

Outstanding among its extraordinary beauty is the Mazucu landscape and its highest point, Turbina Peak, at 1,315 metres, from where you can admire the breath-taking beauty of the Picos de Europa.

The Cuera Range