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The Andina Caves
El Franco (Parque Histórico del Navia)

Visits are always guided requiring previous reservation by calling: 619 368 169

  • Along the N-634, then the FR-5 to Arancedo and, afterwards, the FR-6 to Andina

Caves of great geological and geomorphological singularity offering a unique landscape.

Developed over marble of the Lower Cambrian, this is a karstic area giving rise to an almost closed valley whose water flow into the Mazo river. Calcareous pinnacles, escarpments and caves appear on the moist meadowland. Over the rocky grounds grow oak, laurel and madrono forests.

The abundant and dense vegetation make it hardly visible from outside. Its relief is due to the combined action of natural phenomena and, most of all, to the intense mining activities for gold extraction during the Roman Age.

The Andina Caves