Asturias, with the family

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From east to west and north to south, Asturias is a large-scale theme park, ideal for enjoying at any age and of course, with the family.

Asturias, with the family
GPS: 43.37127458215635, -4.539560134057407

Colombres - Llanes - Naves - Ardisana - Colunga - Viñón - Suares - Oviedo - Cornellana - Salas - Tuña - Gijón - Luarca - illacondide - Ría del Eo

Day 1: Colombres - Lastres 89

Day 1: The tour begins at the eastern end of the region, in the Guadalupe Estate (Colombres), home of the Indianos Archives. The archives display the emigration of several generations and are surrounded by extensive grounds to further enjoy the visit. On the way to the centre of the region, in Llanes, there are another two ideal options to enjoy with the family. You can discover Gulpiyuri inland beach, near Naves. Gulpiyuri beach is located 100 metres from the coast, with pedestrian access. Or if you prefer to combine nature and mythology, then the best choice is the Enchanted Trail, in the Ardisana Valley, which is linked by wood carvings of mythological creatures. The starting point of the trail is in Venta del Pobre, which is accessed from Posada de Llanes via the AS-115. If you prefer contact with nature, but less physical activity, you can visit La Grandera Nature Park, a zoo devoted to environmental education. The route continues along the Autovía del Cantábrico dual carriageway (A-8), to Colunga. Just a few kilometres from Ballasts, on a privileged vantage point, is a must visit: the Jurassic Museum. Shaped like a dinosaur footprint, it displays the history of these prehistoric giants, some of which can be viewed full size.

Day 2: Lastres - Oviedo 86,9

Day 2: The Country School Museum in Cabranes allows you start the day in the classroom and shows the younger members of the family what a classroom was like barely a few decades ago. This centre is located in Viñón, accessed by the AS-255 which links Villaviciosa and Infiesto. There is another history option in the borough of Bimenes, the Radio Museum. Located in Suares, it comprises 340 exhibits such as microphones, radios and gramophones, elements that until very recently were very useful, but now seem antique. The museum is accessed via the AS-251 road from Nava. The rest of the day can be devoted to Oviedo. Families can discover the Pre-Romanesque Interpretation Centre, on Mount Naranco, the Archaeological Museum, in the city centre, with lots of interactive elements, the Winter Park and La Manjoya Nature Classroom, which can be reached on foot along a path. You can also visit to El Bosque, a nature area with 170 animals, located in Los Molinos.

Day 3: Oviedo - Gijón 30,1

Day 3: The third day has its epicentre in Gijón. The Talasoponiente Centre is a seawater therapy complex and waterpark situated on Poniente Beach, with a children's playground and heated outdoor pool. Without leaving the seaside environment and within walking distance you find the Aquarium, which offers visitors a voyage through the world's seas. You can skate on Poniente Promenade or take a walk or cycle along San Lorenzo Promenade. This route continues out into the countryside. Two other options are the Railway Museum, in the city centre, or the Botanic Gardens, which can be reached by public transport from the centre. Entrance is free for the under-12s.

Day 4: Gijón - Navelgas 123

Day 4: Today, you return to the countryside. Heading out of Gijón on the A-8, take the AS-16 in Soto del Barco to reach Cornellana. An ideal riverside trail for the family commences in the Salmon Riverside Park, in La Rodriga, along the River Narcea. A few kilometres further on along the N-634 you come to Salas and its crenellated tower dating from the 16th century. The journey continues on to Tineo, where two possibilities arise. Navelgas and its Gold Museum enable you to get to know how this ore is mined and how to pan in a river to extract its remains. Meanwhile, in El Arenal, an intensive fishing preserve located 3 kilometres from the borough capital of Tineo, you can spend a day with a rod and tackle or enjoy the recreational area and go hiking or cycling.

Day 5: Navelgas - Figueras 86

Day 5: The last day is reserved for a foray into the west of Asturias. Known as the "White Town", Luarca is one of the most outstandingly beautiful maritime enclaves on the Asturian coast: its old quarter, bridges, beaches, harbour with numerous taverns and restaurants serving fine seafood, the cemetery with excellent views of the sea, the lighthouse, the Mariners Guild Table, the village of Villar - birthplace of Nobel Laureate for Medicine Severo Ochoa -, and other spots are more than an excuse for a stop-off in the capital of Valdés. The next stop, continuing along the A-8, is Coaña, in the village of Villacondide. This site is one of the best preserved hill forts, an ancient settlement that was inhabited centuries before the Roman conquest. The Eo riverbanks constitute the end point of this tour. You can enjoy many different water activities on the mouth of the river, the most relaxing being a journey by boat to the other end of the estuary, ideal for sharing some quiet time with the family.