Oviedo, Pre-Romanesque and the Bear Valleys

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The traveller comes face to face with the history of Oviedo at every step, with elements of a unique architectural style and an old quarter that is a veritable example of conservation.

Oviedo, Pre-Romanesque and the Bear Valleys
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Oviedo - Valles del oso - Teverga

Day 1: Oviedo - Oviedo 8,22

A good starting point for getting to know Oviedo is its Pre-Romanesque heritage. Foncalada Fountain, in Gascona Street, is one example. You can then visit the Church of San Julian de los Prados, in Selgas Street, and continue your walk enjoying the grassy areas around the church. You then need to head up to Mount Naranco to discover the Churches of Santa María and San Miguel de Lillo (check on seasonal opening times). These are four kilometres from the city centre, so the car is a good option here and will also allow you to drive up to the top of the mountain.

The afternoon is a perfect time for walking. A good starting point for a first walk around the city is the RENFE railway station, housed in a building dating from 1874.The station opens onto Uría Street, the main shopping thoroughfare. At the end of this urban axis can be found San Francisco Park, on the right, and Plaza de la Escandalera, on the left. From this square, you can glimpse the beginning of Pelayo Street, with the Campoamor Theatre, where the Princess of Asturias Awards Ceremony is held. Opposite, Fruela Street and the seat of the Regional Parliament. As you enter San Francisco Street, you will discover the University of Oviedo's historic building and Plaza Porlier, which houses Camposagrado Palace. The square leads to the Cathedral. The street off to the right leads to the Corrada del Obispo, which houses the Bishop's Palace, and after a brief foray into Plaza de Paraguas, the tour continues to the Palacio del Sol or Inclán Mansion and the Fontán Marketplace, an ideal spot to take a break.

Day 2: Oviedo - Teverga 20,8

You have two different options for the second day, both linked to the countryside. One option is to spend the day walking from the city to the village of Las Caldas, famous for its hot springs and golf, taking the Fuso de la Reina Path, which begins in the so-called Winter Park and totals 16 kilometres (there and back).

The second involves getting behind the driving wheel to head out into the Bear Valleys, which are 20 kilometres (a half-hour drive) from Oviedo. The Bear's Trail is the perfect route to get to know the surrounding countryside. Built on an old railroad, it is 33 kilometres long and can be done on foot or by bicycle (available for rent). You can also do just a short stretch of the trail (6 kilometres) to the Bear Enclosure, where two bears live after being rescued from poachers. The afternoon can be spent visiting the Prehistory Park in Teverga, a museum devoted to Upper Palaeolithic art, the Collegiate Church of San Pedro or Huerta Cave.