Filming locations
in Asturias

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Filming locations in Asturias

Sea and mountains, historical sites and modern buildings, forests and rivers, beaches and cliffs, palaces and industrial architecture... Asturias is an exceptional, privileged setting with great potential to welcome all kinds of film shoots.

Paisajes y naturaleza

Landscapes and nature

The Natural Paradise's lakes and rivers, waterfalls and reservoirs; forests, parks and gardens; mountains, valleys.

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Ciudades y pueblos

Cities and villages

Avilés, Gijón and Oviedo, three cities with character and lots of history, top the list for film sets in Asturias.

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Cultura, ocio y deporte

Culture, leisure and sport

A stroll around Asturian culture, leisure and sport through its museums and cultural equipment, theatres and sports centres.

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Cultural centres, museums, mining towers, granaries and traditional teito cabins (a typical stone cabin with a thatched straw roof), cemeteries or pre-Roman monuments make up the Principality's wide architectural range.

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Mountain roads, dual carriageways and motorways, bridges and viaducts, fishing and leisure ports are the backbone of the region's communications.

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