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More than one third of our province is environmentally protected. Over 10,600 kilometres of land, including seven Biosphere Reserves. Asturias is one of the two Spanish provinces with the largest number of Biosphere Reserves included in the MAB programme and its Global Network of Biosphere Reserves and one of the regions with the largest number of these at a global level. No wonder, you are in a Natural Paradise.
Ski resort Fuentes de InviernoSki resort Fuentes de Invierno.

Enchanting landscapes in which nature has created the best setting for active and sporting tourism.

The small but fast-flowing rivers are very versatile and are carefully managed, combining ecosystem preservation with sports activities. The steep outline of Picos de Europa is an attraction for rock climbers and trekking lovers. The slopes of the mountain motorways attract dedicated cyclists, as well as the well cared for greenways. In winter, the peaks attract skiers. In winter, the peaks attract skiers. The Cantabrian waters are the perfect hideout for water sport lovers.

Safety, above all

Safety always comes first, therefore, to ensure you get the most out of your adventure, our companies will guide you and remember to follow the instructions and advice of the local professionals and guides, and to check your personal equipment, wear suitable clothing, check the weather forecast, etc. Knowing your own physical abilities and being careful outdoors, always add to the enjoyment of the experience.

Routes with the use of ropes (Vía Ferrata - Ponga)Routes with the use of ropes (Vía Ferrata - Ponga).
From the high mountain areas to the sea, or even underground, Asturias has all the ingredients needed to create the best adventure cocktail, since it has the natural settings required to develop a list of adventure activities including land, air and water activities throughout the four seasons of the year.

Paddle surfPaddle surf.
Diving. Olla San Vicente (Cangas de Onís)Diving. Olla San Vicente (Cangas de Onís-Amieva).
Asturias was a pioneer in rural tourism in Spain and one of the first regions to develop active tourism, because we have a region which, just naturally, seems to have been created as the best "playing field" to be actively discovered, offering visitors activities carried out throughout history, with deep-rooted traditions, including adventure sports; hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding, canyoning, diving, surfing, etc.

It is also the perfect place to try out some of the newest activities included this type of tourism; rivering, zorbing, láser tag, etc

Cares Gorge (Cabrales)Cares Gorge (Cabrales).

Adventure without limits

You establish the limit of how much activity you want, and our active tourism companies will provide the imagination, creativity and professionalism required; since they have been developing different events as active tourism has grown over the years, in order to offer visitors a whole host of activities. From the more "traditional" activities to the newest trends in active tourism. It is impossible not to be able to choose from our adventures without limits.

Picu Urriellu (Cabrales)Picu Urriellu (Cabrales).
Specialist companies
We have a wide network of companies, professional guides and modern equipment, to ensure you enjoy our fascinating activities with safety at the forefront of everything you do, so you will feel that you are in safe hands at all times while enjoying an unforgettable experience.

With your family, your partner, a group of friends... You simply have to want to have fun enjoying sports while in touch with nature and we will provide the setting and the perfect professionals for you to do so, because a Natural Paradise has to be enjoyed actively to be fully enjoyed.

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