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Asturias has 11 restaurants recognized by Michelin with stars, and that in total add up to 12 Michelin stars.

The map of this constellation is intense in Asturias, and is characterized by excellence and diversity. Excellence in the culinary concept and execution, and diversity in the creativity and unique personality of each restaurant and of the people who bring them to life.

Asturian gastronomic intelligence, with its great tradition and depth, has been consolidated and enriched over time, and the Michelin gastro-map is a clear example of this reality.

Casa Marcial and Nacho Manzano with two stars; Casa Gerardo, and Pedro and Marcos Morán, with a star; Royal Spa of Salinas and Isaac Loya, with one star; Auga and Gonzalo Pañeda, with a star; Arbidel and Jaime Uz, with one star; The Pancar and Ricardo Sotres Retreat, with one star; El Corral del Indiano and José Antonio Campoviejo, with a star; Ayalga and Marcos Granda, with one star; Monte and Xune Andrade, with a star; Ferpel and Elio Fernández, with one star, Narbasu and Esther Manzano, with a green star. These are the restaurants with a Michelin star in Asturias for the year 2023, and the proper names in each of them.


The 12 Michelin stars in Asturias


Come meet them one by one! It will be an interesting trip to the essence and creativity that characterize Asturian gastronomy!


Casa Marcial and Nacho Manzano: 2 Michelin stars in La Salgar (Parres)


Nacho Manzano is the first - and so far only - chef from Asturias to have two Michelin stars. His first star came to him in 1999, six years after the opening of Casa Marcial, when he was only 28 years old. The second has been kept since 2009, and to date Casa Marcial continues to be the only restaurant in Asturias to hold that recognition.

Foto del cocinero Nacho Manzano.

Nacho has grown up in the idyllic village of La Salgar, in a privileged environment between the Cantabrian Sea, the mountains and the Sella River. There, under the culinary and vital influence of his grandmother and his mother, and also surrounded by his sisters Olga, Esther and Sandra.

Foto de un rincón del salón comedor del restaurante Casa Marcial (La Salgar, Parres).

Nacho and his family have always cultivated the traditional essence, on which they make a very personal review and interpretation, which ipso facto seduces. The Manzanos' cuisine is much more than gastronomy, it is a whole philosophy and lifestyle.

A sample of this culinary spirit are gastronomic creations such as sautéed mushrooms with toasted yeast cream, almonds, squid and forest consommé, or beans with potatoes, corn and perfume of chorizo and saffron.

Likewise, the Manzanos have managed to adapt this philosophy to their online store, where you can buy boxes of fabada and pitu caleya, which are two emblematic dishes of their kitchen, or you can also opt for gift vouchers to taste the exquisite menus of the house .


Casa Gerardo y Pedro y Marcos Morán: 1 Michelin star in Prendes (Carreño)


Casa Gerardo is a classic of Asturian cuisine in the broadest sense of the term. With 140 years of family history linked to gastronomy, the most recent generations, represented by Pedro and Marcos Morán (father and son) also treasure their seniority in Michelin stars, and Casa Gerardo has been no less than 30 years - since 1991 - with a Michelin star without interruption. A whole historical record!

Foto de los cocineros Pedro y Marcos Morán en su restaurante Casa Gerardo.

The current patriarch - Pedro - has been one of the forerunners of the great revolution that Asturian cuisine experienced at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, and his heir Marcos has taken up the family legacy with solvency, contributing notes of freshness and originality. .

Foto de una parte del salón comedor del Restaurante Casa Gerardo (Prendes, Carreño).

In short, the Asturian cuisine of the last decades cannot be understood without the singular and consolidated gastronomic personality of the Morán family.

His classic and mythical dishes of fabada and rice pudding are currently joined by his red mullets or his treatment of vegetables in dishes such as creamed lettuce, Iberian beans or leeks with seaweed.

In their online store you can buy or give away their dream menus through their gift cards!


El Corral del Indianu and José Antonio Campoviejo: 1 star in Arriondas/Les Arriondes (Parres)


El Corral del Indianu is the genuine creation of José Antonio Campo Viejo and Yolanda Vega, his wife and head waiter. An adventure that they undertook 25 years ago and which very soon began to be a successful project, and since the year 2000 this restaurant has had a Michelin star.

Foto del cocinero José Antonio Campo Viejo en su restaurante El Corral del Indianu.

It is, therefore, the third oldest Michelin star in Asturias.

Foto de un rincón del salón comedor del restaurante El Corral del Indianu (Arriondas/Les Arriondes, Parres).

In all these years his Corral del Indianu has become a reference both inside and outside Asturias. An emblematic building in Arriondas/Les Arriondes, with a pampered and very personal decoration, topped by an interior garden, and in parallel a creative cuisine that reinvents and recreates the Asturian tradition, with artisan, ecological products and faithful to the circular economy.

Within these recreations, the interpretation of the fabada entitled "Flavors of yesteryear and textures of today" acquires an epic rank, as well as the Cabrales chocolates. Undoubtedly two creations that define in all its essence the gastronomic personality of José Antonio Campo Viejo.

El Corral del Indianu from its website also gives you the option of giving away some of its elaborate menus.


Real Spa and Isaac Loya: 1 Michelin star in Salinas (Castrillón)


The Real Balneario is a restaurant with great tradition and history. It was inaugurated as a bathhouse in 1916 by King Alfonso XIII, and over time, the old spa became a restaurant and it was the Loya family who elevated it to the rank of hotel excellence.

Foto del cocinero Isaac Loya en su restaurante Real Balneario.

The Royal Spa has held the Michelin star since 2005, and chef Isaac Loya is currently leading this restaurant, a worthy heir to the wisdom and good work of his father, Miguel Loya.

Foto de una parte del salón del restaurante Real Balneario con vistas al mar (Salinas, Castrillón).

Isaac Loya constantly moves between tradition and renewal, with a constant vocation to maintain the legacy received and increase it with his creativity and training.

A splendid and tasty sample of his legacy and permanent learning from him are two of his most well-known and recognized creations: the Virrey Tartar with oricios and ajiamarillo, and the Cubed Lobster in its own emulsion and sea lettuce.

In addition, at the Royal Spa online store, Isaac Loya and his team offer you the chance to purchase some of his excellent menus.


Auga and Gonzalo Pañeda: 1 star in Gijón/Xixón


The Gijón neighborhood of Cimavilla bears witness to the discretion, elegance and intelligence of the culinary creations and recreations of chef Gonzalo Pañeda who, together with his head waiter Antonio Pérez, make up one of the most stable and balanced pairings of Asturian gastronomy.

Foto del cocinero Gonzalo Pañeda y su jefe de sala Antonio Pérez en su restaurante Auga.

Gonzalo Pañeda and his restaurant Auga have had a Michelin star since 2013, forming part of that generation of chefs and restaurants that have led a true creative revolution in Asturian cuisine in the first decades of this 21st century.

Foto del salón comedor del restaurante Auga (Gijón/Xixón).

Those who know Gonzalo and Toni say that their gastronomic experience is intense, penetrating and inspiring. Almost as much as the effluvia of the Cantabrian Sea that bathes the terraces and windows of the Auga, and that encourages its gastronomic ingenuity.

An ingenuity that is evident in dishes as exquisite as the stew broth, pig's feet and smoked eel, or its masterful red mullet, a pil pil made from its spines, codium and pickled onion. A sample of simplicity and gastronomic sustainability.

To check it out and savor the full essence of Auga, one of the options is to purchase gift vouchers with its tasting menus in its online store.



Arbidel and Jaime Uz: 1 star in Ribadesella/Ribeseya


Jaime Uz describes himself as a vocational cook, who forged a taste for cooking in the family business from a very young age. Later he came to his training in his native Asturias, to continue his journey outside the borders of the Principality with renowned chefs.

Foto del cocinero Jaime Uz en su restaurante Arbidel.

And so, from that eclectic mix of various formations, vital experiences and very personal creativity, Arbidel was born, Jaime's restaurant located in the historic center of Ribadesella/Ribeseya and which has had a Michelin star since 2014.

Foto de una parte del salón comedor del restaurante Arbidel (Ribadesella/Ribeseya).

Quality Asturian produce, a privileged natural environment and landscape, and the ingenuity of this young master make Arbidel a different and highly appealing experience.

The fake mushroom and truffle risotto, cauliflower marrow and field and sea asparagus, or the lobster ceviche with pig's trotters are equally appetizing and masterful.

An experience that you can also get through the restaurant's online store, where you have available select menus designed and prepared with care by Jaime Uz.


El Retiro and Ricardo González Sotres: 1 star in Pancar (Llanes)


The restaurant El Retiro and Ricardo González Sotres are the penultimate Asturian addition to the Michelin firmament, and it is that the establishment of this Llanisco chef obtained his Michelin star in 2015.

Foto del cocinero Ricardo González Sotres en su restaurante El Retiro.

Ricardo began his career as head of El Retiro a little over 10 years ago, in the charming Llanisca village of Pancar, when he was barely 25 years old. Very young but sufficiently prepared both by family tradition and by training. And in little more than 5 years the Michelin star arrived.

Foto del salón comedor del restaurante El Retiro (Pancar, Llanes).

From Pancar, Ricardo shows the rest of the world his wisdom in front of some kitchens in which he combines ancestry, local and seasonal cuisine, and a lot of imagination.

Proof of this limitless imagination are dishes that are so representative of his culinary essence, such as the salmon cococha with a saffron marinade of partridge and cauliflower, and also the Asturcelta snout and ear stew with carabinero in two services.

In addition, to thoroughly savor his cooking, the El Retiro online store offers you tasty tasting menus with food pairing included.


Ayalga and Marcos Granda: 1 star in Ribadesella/Ribeseya


Ayalga, the restaurant at the Villa Rosario hotel in Ribadasella/Ribeseya, and its creator, the Asturian sommelier Marcos Granda, are the latest and brand new addition of Asturian cuisine to the 2022 Michelin Guide.

Foto del cocinero Marcos Granda.

For the first time, a restaurant located in a hotel becomes part of the Asturian Michelin stars. A restaurant that was also opened a short time ago, specifically at the end of 2019.

Foto exterior de la fachada del Hotel Villa Rosario, antigua casona indiana (Ribadasella/Ribeseya).

The commitment of Marcos Granda and his entire team has been brave and firm. His culinary and vital philosophy is based on local products, and all seasoned with much care, love and humility.

Precisely based on this idiosyncrasy of proximity are two of its emblematic dishes: the rula fish and saline nuances - a true tribute to the Cantabrian Sea -, and the deer sirloin, duxelle of Asturian wild mushrooms and foyot sauce, which connects with tradition of the meats and the richness of the forests of the Natural Paradise.

A whole ideology that would explain the success of this initiative!


Monte y Xune Andrade: 1 star in San Feliz (Lena)


Monte and Xune Andrade are one of the latest additions to the Michelin universe in Asturias.

Xune Andrade knew from a very young age that hers was the world of hospitality, and she is one of the outstanding talents of the Gijón School of Hospitality youth academy. He has also known success from a very young age, and after having worked with great chefs on the international scene and having directed top-level projects in Madrid, a few years ago he decided to return to his native Lena, opening his restaurant Monte in the town of San Feliz. in 2019.

Foto del cocinero Xune Andrade

Xune himself defines Monte as a personal, intimate and honest project, where he is committed to a vision of gastronomy, a style and a way of serving the client from a perspective of creative authenticity and in constant evolution. This approach to life generates a very positive dynamic where, as Andrade says, “our clients come to have fun and let themselves go, and that makes us free and happy. So we have hit the key to achieve our dream”.

Foto artística de un plato elaborado en el restaurante Monte

Andrade practices the philosophy of working with ranchers, farmers, fishmongers, or hunters, among others, bringing each product closer to San Feliz. And so when he cooks fish, they are never the protagonists of the dish, but rather the raw material of the forest, such as nettles. He also comments “we use butter because more cows surround us than olive trees”.

In his menu, therefore, the forest, the garden, meat and river fish, such as salmon and trout, predominate, also offering several tasting menu options and an extensive wine cellar.


Ferpel and Elio Fernández: 1 star in Ortigueira (Coaña)


Ferpel and Elio Fernández are part of the most recent Asturian signings for the Michelin Guide.

Ferpel is the name of the restaurant run by Elio Fernández Peláez in the beautiful fishing village of Ortiguera, in Coaña. With an open kitchen in view of the client and a gastronomic bar, Elio prepares dishes of a lifetime, faithful to local and seasonal products, and in which the influence of his baggage around the world can be appreciated.

Foto del cocinero Elio Fernández en una playa de Coaña

And it is that Elio grew up in the council of Coaña, in the town of Ortigueira, to the smell of a grill, since he helped his parents since he was a gourd in the family restaurant. Over time he felt the desire to broaden his horizons, and he left to learn national and international cuisines. Switzerland, Madrid, Barcelona or Alicante were some of his destinations.

After this intense period outside Asturias, Elio, as he himself tells it, considered returning. “There came a time when I no longer learned, I stagnated and in the end it was all the same. When I came from the last destination, Alicante, I actually came with the idea of leaving the hotel business, I was tired and wanted to take time in another sector, but when I got home, my parents continued with the grill and I began to help them ”.

Foto de platos elaborados puestos en la barra del restaurante Ferpel

And that was how his reincorporation into the family business brought new airs. That young and enterprising boy began to propose new dishes and to penetrate deeply into a western Asturian little used to a different cuisine.

The successful and surprising result was that Elio turned the restaurant of a lifetime into Ferpel Gastronómico, giving free rein to his creative and innovative mentality, and his knowledge, and thus reaping excellent results.

His continued successes have not dampened his eagerness to learn. “The obsession with learning is something that does not decrease over the years, on the contrary”, says Elio Fernández.


Narbasu and Esther Manzano: 1 green star in Cerecea (Piloña)


In Cerecea (Piloña) stands the Rubianes Palace (14th century) and Narbasu was born here, which in 2023 has obtained a green star.

It is a project of the Manzano family with a vocation for sustainable gastronomy. At Narbasu they work with raw materials from their own organic garden, as well as with local producers, highlighting simple, tasty and healthy dishes on their menu, linked to the purest Asturian tradition.

Foto de la cocinera Esther Manzano

Undoubtedly, one of the pillars of this family project is the cook Esther Manzano who, along with her brother Nacho, have become one of the most prestigious fraternal pairings in all of Spanish gastronomy. Esther shares with her brother knowledge, experience, family legacy and communion with nature, that Asturian nature that saw them born and grow up in an idyllic village in the Parres council.

Foto de una parte del salón del restaurante Narbasu (Cerecea, Piloña)

In Narbasu they take another step in that family and creative harmony, taking as their starting point that “zero kilometer” of emotions, landscapes and products from the land.


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