Many people throughout history have travelled to Cuadonga/Covadonga to live out their devotion before the Virgin or simply to enjoy the spirituality and nature that can be experienced there. The steps of these travellers, most of them anonymous, have left many paths and routes on the map that lead to the Sanctuary of Cuadonga/Covadonga from different places.

This has resulted in the consecration of several routes - now conveniently marked as GR, such as the classical route from Oviedo/Uviéu or its prelude in Mieres del Camín, the Ruta de las Peregrinaciones (the Route of Pilgrimages); the Travesía Andariega (the Walkers Crossing) that begins in Gijón/Xixón; the Camín del Oriente (the Western Route), which crosses the Cuera from Llanes and enters the Picos de Europa, or the Ruta de la Reconquista (the Route of Reconquista).

The Royal Site of Cuadonga/Covadonga (Cangas de Onís)

The Royal Site of Cuadonga/Covadonga (Cangas de Onís).