"Cocina de Paisaje" represents the meeting point where the natural environment, the product and the cuisine come together.

Asturias, Landscape Cuisine

Asturias is a Natural Paradise and a Landscape Cuisine, stands out for its gastronomic excellence, the identity of culinary traditions and the diversity of products symbolising quality, sustainability, hospitality and innovation. Asturias, Landscape Cuisine, has ambassadors, such as renowned culinary talents with Michelin Star, guisanderas, confectioners and families dedicated to the hospitality industry for generations that represent centuries of talent where knowledge, care, love for traditions and the ability to innovate make this region a symbol of quality, sustainability, hospitality and constant creative evolution.

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Photo of a plate of fabada with a landscape in the background.

Logo de la marca Mesas de Asturias

They are elegant dining rooms, with carefully selected tableware, places where the waiters exude professionalism and customer service is especially important. If you want to feel special, choose one of the "Asturias Tables, Gastronomic Excellence". You'll get it right!

Photo of a couple eating inside a restaurant.
Mesas de Asturias - Gastronomic excellence -

This is the mark of quality that covers some of the best restaurants in this region, scattered throughout the region, with different styles and cuisines. There are classic, more modern, cosmopolitan and village restaurants, but in all of them the most important thing is the defence of the local product and a careful customer service. To belong to this select group, you have to pass various controls that test the customer service and the quality of the food.

Restaurants "Mesas de Asturias

Logo de la marca Sidrerías de Asturias

More and more will be chosen every year, because "Sidra de Asturias" is seeing its presence in cider bars multiply and also its demand, so it is expected that this brand, born in 2017, will have a promising future and will serve as a reference for visitors when choosing in which typical establishment of the region to have lunch or dinner.

Photo of two people eating at a cider house
Cider houses of Asturias - Natural quality -

A list of cider houses was missing, which demanded a careful treatment, quality cuisine and attention to detail. The same system that was valid for "Mesas de Asturias" was personalised for the cider temples and thus "Sidrerías de Asturias" was born. All of them must have cider with Designation of Origin, have staff specialised in pouring the homeland liquid and a menu with a predominance of Asturian products.

List of "Asturias Cider Bars".

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Michelin stars

Asturias, with its stunning mountain scenery and rich gastronomic tradition, has emerged on the international culinary map thanks to the prestigious Michelin guide. The coveted Michelin stars have illuminated various establishments in the region, recognising the excellence and creativity of its gastronomic scene. These accolades underline not only the quality of the dishes, but also Asturias' ability to offer exceptional culinary experiences, fusing the authenticity of its local produce with an innovative approach.

Michelin stars in Asturias

Michelin stars in Asturias are not only an individual recognition, but also consolidate the region as a top gastronomic destination. This award helps to position Asturias as a place where quality, originality and dedication to culinary roots are intertwined to offer diners a unique experience, highlighting the diversity of flavours and the richness of Asturias' gastronomic offer.

Michelin Stars of Asturias".

Photo of a table in a restaurant in Asturias.
Don't go yet, there's still more

Some of the well-known faces of Asturian gastronomy have appeared here, but fortunately there are many more. In every corner, in every village, there are fantastic eating houses where you can eat well and cheaply. In the main cities we can find various fusions with cuisines from all over the world, but always with local produce. And then there are a lot of lone cooks, people who love their work and spend more than ten hours a day all year round in their small kitchen, who do it really well. The Asturian gastronomic panorama is much broader and richer, with real specialists in a dish, in a menu, in a season such as hunting or mushrooms... in short, wherever you go you will almost certainly eat well, very well.