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The Fiesta del Bollo in Avilés
Avilés (Centre) (Avilés)
Festival of Touristic Interest
Easter Monday
The Fiesta del Bollo in Avilés, the most lively lunch in the old town centre of Villa del Adelantado

The Fiesta del Bollo in Avilés is the ideal conclusion to the Easter fiestas in Avilés, also known as Villa del Adelantado in clear reference to the illustrious figure of Pedro Menéndez, a seaman and the founder of the first city in the United States.

This fiesta is held on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. On Sunday there is the parade of carriages and folkloric groups and on Monday, after the mass at San Nicolás de Bari and the corresponding announcement, a multitudinous fraternising lunch in the streets of the Old Town Centre of Avilés. The truth is there is nothing quite the same in the whole of Asturias: thousands of persons sitting down to taste the varied Asturian delicacies having as its scenario one of the most important Historic Centres in Spain.

Incidentally, this fiesta receives its name from the bollo or sponge cake given by godparents to their godsons or goddaughters on Eater Sunday.

The Fiesta del Bollo in Avilés
GPS:43.553603, -5.920635