Asturias Destino Confidencial

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Asturias Destination Confidential
GPS: 43.36265,-5.84371

Advice and/or accompaniment on your trip around Asturias in private services for: Camino de Santiago, health, sports, cultural tourism... both for final public and travel agents.

More than 30 years of experience in the destination Asturias at the service of the public and professional agents in the tourism sector.

  • Design and proposals of trips on demand for professionals of the tourism sector under themes: camping, filming, motorbike tourism, equestrian, Caminos de Santiago, gastronomic, nature...
  • Delegation in the destination with assistance in the development of direct and inverse promotional actions such as: tourism fairs, support for the commercial network, search for strategic partners, definition of the value chain...
  • Advice on prospecting trips, consultancy or market research.
  • Cooperation in the implementation of digital nomads at individual or corporate level.

  • Spanish
  • English
  • French

Information provided by Asturias Destino Confidencial (Pedro Sánchez Ramos) with DGT code: GT079.