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Campeonato Nacional del Bateo del Oro
Tineo (Western Asturias) (Navelgas)
Festival of Touristic Interest
First weekend of August
Campeonato de bateo de oro en Navelgas, cuando sí es oro todo lo que reluce

Navelgas is a typical town in western Asturias, in the district of Tineo, well known worldwide as being a European reference for gold panning. The tradition of gold in the zone goes back to Roman times when this empire exploited the gold deposits in the Asturian subsoil.

From that time until now, many centuries have passed but the gold tradition continues in Navelgas, which has a Gold Museum.

This year the National Gold Panning Championship will be held on July 29, 30 and 31, and substantial participation is expected, as well a turnout of spectators. It will be enlivened with parades, procession, pipers and, of course, excellent gastronomy and an atmosphere of wonderful hospitality.

• Gold panning championship in Navelgas when all that glitters is gold
GPS:43.403775, -6.543253