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Antroxu (Carnival) in Gijón
Gijón (Center of Asturias) (Gijón)
Fiestas of touristic interest in the Principality of Asturias
From the "Jueves de Comadres" (Mates' Thursday) to the Carnival Tuesday
Antroxu Gijón
Or the city which disguises itself

The people of Gijón are by nature Antroxu people and they go all out to celebrate their Carnival. In this city the Carnival is a type of religion, and the ritual is socially so essential that the citizens of Gijón cannot be separated from this grand festive venue.

The participation is massive and the main streets of Gijón, taking the central Paseo de Begoña with its emblematic Teatro Jovellanos, as well as the District of the Fishermen, the Marina, the Wall of San Lorenzo and other zones as the neurological centre, this is literally flooded by the "fury" of Carnival which reaches its zenith in the grand parade of Monday and the fiesta finishes off with the Burial of the Sardine.

Clearly Gijón is by nature passionate and Antroxu is just right for it. So much so that it releases the same passion as King Pelayo, whose statue stands majestically over the Plaza del Marqués peering at the sea horizon, and it becomes enraptured by the magic and fantasy of the Carnival.

The dates of the Carnival or Antroxu vary each year depending on the Christian calendar.

Antroxu Gijón
GPS:43.538554, -5.661207