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The Fiesta of L’Amuravela in Cudillero
Cudillero (Western) (Cudillero)
Festival of Touristic Interest
29th June
The Fiesta of L'Amuravela in Cudillero, the "pixueta" essence

This is one of the most curious and original fiestas of the whole of Asturias, having an important sea and "pixueto" flavour (the latter term referring to the language used yesteryear by the fishermen of Cudillero and exclusively in this town, with those living in this town of fishermen sometimes being called "pixuetos"). Taking all this into consideration, every 29th June, the festivity of San Pedro, Cudillero celebrates L'Amuravela.

The fiesta at the very least goes back to the 16th century and relates to the construction of the San Pedro parish church. It is original given that the fiesta starts with a person from Cudillero preaching, in verse and "pixueto" lingo, a sermon ironically summarising all that which took place during the year and begging for protection for the following year.

The verses of L'Amuravela contain historical references to the harbour, fishing, cosmopolite and seafaring characteristics of the town, together with social and religious pleads. This is a unique spectacle right in the amphitheatre of Cudillero, under full sail, in a colourful and fishing setting tastes of sea and tradition. And the fiesta commences to last several days with the blessing of San Pedro, the patron saint of Cudillero.

Ancient history, "pixueto" language and traditions and the hospitality of Cudillero all come together in the essence of L'Amuravela.

The Fiesta of L'Amuravela in Cudillero
GPS:43.563485, -6.145939