In Asturias, monuments are not only those created by human imagination and effort, but also those that nature gives us at every step and which are listed as Natural Monuments. Singular and unique places that will make you aware of the importance of a nature that is cared for and in its purest state.

There are several dozen Natural Monuments declared in Asturias. They include beaches, waterfalls, caves, copses and unique trees. In other words, they are places where nature plays a special role, with some outstanding element that makes it a unique space, where it is possible to make the most of the connection with the environment.

Natural Monuments are all those elements of nature that, due to their notorious singularity, rarity or beauty, deserve to be the object of special protection. Asturias provides unique forms and ecosystems in its landscapes, where forests, trees or water in its many forms (beaches and waterfalls, above all), play an important role.

Water, in its multiple manifestations, is the key to maintaining and shaping the Asturian landscapes, those that stand out for their greenery, lushness and purity, with unparalleled flora and fauna.

There is no doubt that, from a strictly natural point of view, there is no monument more authentic and striking than a forest, the centenary and even millenary trees that populate them, or some beaches and waterfalls that, due to the ecosystem in which they are immersed, become true Natural Monuments.


Close-up photo of the first of the Oneta waterfalls, Firbia, in the council of Villayón.

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