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Las Xanas Gorge
Santo Adriano, Proaza y Quirós (Central Asturias)
  • Las Xanas Gorge, located in the final section of Las Xanas River, lies almost entirely in the borough of Santo Adriano, only a small part deep within the gorge belonging to the boroughs of Proaza and Quirós.

Gorge, declared a Natural Monument, in the centre of Asturias.

Las Xanas Gorge is a unique geological formation, shaped by the stream of the same name. One of its scenic attractions is the wooded area conserved within the gorge.

It is a mixed forest with a very diverse make-up, with abundant hazel, hawthorn, ash, linden, maple, whitebeam and elm. Beech and alder can be found in the area that opens to the meadows. Other species such as oregano and pointed-leaved Jasonia (Jasonia glutinosa) occur in shrublands and endemic Cantabrian species can be seen on the walls of the gorge. Yew, oak and the strawberry tree are plentiful throughout the area.

There is a noteworthy presence of the crag martin and black redstart, as well as the alpine chough and red-billed chough. Golden eagles and vultures can often be seen.

One of the best known and most frequented trails in Asturias, both for its beauty and easy access, runs through the gorge. The path was carved into the rock in a former project to link up the villages of Pedroveya, Rebollada and Dosango with the Trubia Valley.

Due to its location in the centre of the region, it is very accessible from anywhere within the Principality, and the return hike can be done in three or four hours without hurrying.

Its name refers to one of the beings from Asturian mythology, "las xanas", water nymphs that to be found in rivers and forests.

Las Xanas Gorge