Eastern Asturias has a changing yet serene profile, with a history and landscape that distinguish it in an undeniable way.


Rivers such as the Sella, the Dobra and the Cares, will forever be in the minds of those that discover them. It is impossible to forget our Santina, the Virgin of Covadonga, patron saint of Asturias, when visiting her in Cuadonga/Covadonga. It is also impossible to forget the Enol and Ercina Lakes, or the magnificent spectacle offered by the Picos de Europa Mountain Range, where the Urriellu, also called Naranjo de Bulnes, reigns.

Pure mountains. Stone, forests and ports where animals graze in summer and that are a privilege for the spirit. Also, a comfort for heart is the cider, another one of our specialties. It lends its name to the Comarca de la Sidra (the cider region), where so many things may be visited and enjoyed through its villages, its people and its gastronomy.

River Sella (Parres)

River Sella (Parres).

Beaches, so many beautiful, different, unique beaches all along the eastern coast and ports and seaside villages such as Tazones, Llastres, Llanes or Ribadesella / Ribeseya that are filled with so much flavour it's addicting.

Cue beach (Llanes)

Cue beach (Llanes).

Also, the history of the indianos, which is reflected in the popular architecture in many eastern municipalities. Also, the memory of looking at the world from the majestic Roman bridge in Cangues d'Onís/Cangas de Onís. There is so much in the east that you must come back over and over again to travel through forests such as the Beyu Pen, in Amieva; or fall in love with the beechforest of Peloño or the Ventaniella Port, in Ponga, where the Busgosu lives.

You have to try the Cabrales cheese in Cabrales, the Gamonéu, in Cangas de Onís and in Onís. Also, the Vidiago, Pría and Porrúa cheeses, in Llanes; climb up to Bulnes or watch people hang gliding over the beautiful beaches such as the Torimbia, also in Llanes.



As in the entire region, this area is also full of unforgettable corners where your soul can rest. Breathe in quietness discovering, the immensity of the landscape from lookout points such as El Fitu or La Boriza. It's not magic. It is just Asturias. It is eastern Asturias.

Fitu viewpoint (Parres)

Fitu viewpoint (Parres).