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Sacramental of Cue
Llanes (East of Asturias) (Cué)
Fiesta of touristic interest in the Principality of Asturias
June 24th.
Alfombras Florales en Cue
Or art on the ground

The locality of Cué, situated at 2 kilometres from the capital of the district, Llanes, celebrates its patron's fiesta on June 24.

After days of hard and intense work by the neighbours. On June 24 the streets of the locality are adorned with floral carpets which lead to each of the altars move the processions which take place in the early afternoon and after the Mass. The procession is received in each district with generous setting off of fireworks. The creation of the carpets involves a little friendly pique between the Barrio de Arriba and the Barrio de Abajo in order to create the most spectacular and colourful carpet.

Each of the districts have particular features regarding the creation of the carpets. Thus, in the Barrio de Abajo, whose floral symbol is the houseleek, also uses other perishable materials such as cut grass and peat. In the Barrio de Arriba, whose floral symbol is the carnation, also used are turnip tops dyed with water dye, fennel and bulrushes. In both religious motifs predominate.

The Sacramental is undoubtedly one of the most colourful, aromatic and ritual fiestas in all of eastern Asturias.

Sacramental of Cué
GPS:43.411693, -4.735728