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The Jira at the Trasona Reservoir in Corvera
Corvera de Asturias (Centre) (Trasona)
Festival of Touristic Interest
1st May
The Jira at the Trasona Reservoir in Corvera, Asturian gastronomy at the edge of the waters made for sports

The Jira in Asturias has always been a countryside picnic, directly linking our very own tradition of bringing together gastronomy, nature and fiesta. The Jira at the Trasona Reservoir in the district of Corvera is very special for several reasons. The first reason is because it is connected to 1st May, Labour Day, with which it started. Its birth is linked to the great amount of workers who, since the 50s of the 20th century, lived in the area working in the steel industry, and so it was perpetuated. The intention is to enjoy this day by means of homemade Asturian gastronomy and, in turn, enjoy the bagpiping, the folkloric groups and the party.

Also, another reason making this fiesta unique is the fact it is held in the environment of the Trasona reservoir, very well known in Spain and abroad as its waters are the training and high-performance location for open air sportspeople practising canoeing and rowing.

In this way, the Jira at the Trasona Reservoir brings together the Asturian, steelworks and sports traditions at a friendly popular gathering at the banks of the reservoir, in the middle of a beautiful landscape.

The Jira at the Trasona Reservoir in Corvera
GPS:43.538397, -5.870339