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"Eco-friendly" is a worldwide trend, but Asturias has been opting for producing natural, healthy food for years.

What do we produce organically in Asturias? Many things indeed, in reality, there is an eco-friendly version of almost all the products that grow well in our region.

Special mention should be given to honey, one of the best that can be found on the market. Bees stand thrive in the Asturian woods, full of heather, chestnut trees, oak trees... and carry out a commendable, incredible job. So that you can form an idea, if there were no bees, there would be no cider, because they wouldn't pollinate the flower of the apple tree and goodbye cider parties, pouring and pilgrimage.

Organic products

We have eco beef, spelt, kiwis, marmalades, fruit juices, vegetables, seaweed, milk, vinegar, cider, beer, preserves, cheese, yoghurts, eggs, cured meats, beans... whatever you want and more.


Enjoy an authentic organic market

There is an increasing number of organic markets in Asturias. Perhaps the most important is the one that is held every second weekend of the month in the Plaza Mayor in Gijón/Xixón, to which they would follow the Agro-Food Festival of organic products which is held in Llanera in the middle of August, the Agropec eco spaces at the end of September in Gijón/Xixón, EcoLlanera, the Organic Market of Candás or the Agro-organic Market of Lena among others. Eco consumer groups are also on the rise, specialist shops and cooperatives that help put the producer in contact with the consumer.

Organic Market

Honey, full of vitamins is a common breakfast for Asturians. Good in fasts or spread on toast, it protects you from illnesses and provides energy.

Then we have spelt. It was a common grain in the stone mills of the towns of the region. It produces excellent bread and its flour is used for multiple desserts. If you have the opportunity to try Asturian ecological spelt, don't miss out. You can even buy it and then make amazing recipes at home because spelt flour can substitute wheat flour in almost any recipe, giving it more flavour. Try with some pumpkin and spelt doughnuts or a fresh fig sponge.

There is also a corn flour one which is common in many houses and restaurants. Don't forget to try the tortos, a fried delicacy that is usually accompanied by slaughtering picadillo, black pudding or Cabrales Cheese. They are in a mini version and larger but the most important is their flavour and texture.

Organic marmalades

In the dessert and in breakfasts, Asturian marmalades cannot be missed. We can find them made with blueberries, apple, kiwi, raspberry, tomato or pear.

And talking of kiwis, although their name transports us to New Zealand, which is the country that made them famous, the similarity of the climate has made Asturias become a world power in the production of this fruit. The meadows of Pravia, Salas or Grado are populated with plants that are picked at the onset of Autumn and arrive at markets throughout the world at their optimum state of ripeness. It is also included under the quality mark Alimentos del Paraíso which also contains stuffed cabbage, blueberries, goat's cheese and sweets such as carajitos or marañuelas.

COPAE, quality guarantee

It emerged in 1996, and since the organism which is charged with ensuring that the organic products and certify those that fulfill the settings and can put the stamp on its label, because now the whole world is signing up to eco fashion. It also handles promoting the consumption of organic products and making the production systems known. The certification is necessary so that the consumer has the maximum guarantee that the products fulfill really with the eco regulations.

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