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Festivity of Santa María Magdalena in Llanes
Llanes (East of Asturias) (Llanes)
Fiesta of Touristic Interest in the Principality of Asturias
July 22nd
Fiesta de Santa María Magdalena en Llanes
The dance "joguera"

The big day is July 22, the feast day of Santa María Magdalena. In Llanes this day is announced by fireworks at eight o'clock in the morning. Later, there is a parade formed by the members of the band and their fans. This walks through the village to the rhythm of the pasodoble "El Magdaleno", interpreted by the band and ends in the Square of La Magdalena. From there begins the processional transfer of the Saint to the Basilica, where a Solemn Mass is celebrated...

At the end of the Mass, the procession is formed and goes through the "Barrio de la Magdalena." Once the Saint is deposited in the chapel, the grand Folkloric Festival begins directed by the members of the band. It plays its own compositions – apart from the genuine Pericote llanisco-. At the end, the Danza de San Joaquín (a variety of the Danza Prima) is formed and continues to the chapel where the morning acts end.

After lunch, there is a concert given by the band which interprets classical pieces together with exclusive compositions of the band. Then the pilgrimage begins and continues until nightfall when the Danza Prima is again formed to the chapel. At night a grand verbena (open –air dance) brings the day to a close.

Festivity of Santa María Magdalena in Llanes
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