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The Fiestas of San Antonio de Padua
Cangas de Onís (East of Asturias) (Cangas de Onís)
Festival of touristic interest in the Principality of Asturias
June 13th
The essence of Asturias and devotion, "joguera" and fun

The Fiestas of San Antonio de Padua in Cangas de Onís involves the city being decorated and an atmosphere of maximum enjoyment, the perfect prelude to summertime in a place which is always packed with people from the town and strangers. Although the fiestas extend over several days, the Grand Day is June 13, the feast day of the Saint.

Every street and corner in Cangas portrays the essence of Asturias with flags, pennants, thousands of persons with regional dress, folklore groups, pipe bands and lots of excitement. The rocket fireworks mark the commencement of the feast day which will include: Mass, a procession and the subasta del ramu (auction of the branch), where the vermouth session and the meal with the family and friends who have come from all over the world becomes a ritual renewed each year.

Both in upper Cangas and in the town centre the fiesta extends to the small hours of the morning. One important piece of information is the hospitality of the people of Cangas, where nobody feels he is a stranger nor is excluded from the fiesta.

The previous night in the oak grove of the Chapel of San Antonio, the famous "joguera" takes place. It is quite a show to see the people of Cangas and visitors taking tremendous leaps over the fire.

The Fiestas of San Antonio de Padua
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