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The Fiesta of Los Humanitarios in Moreda
Aller (Centre) (Moreda)
Festival of Touristic Interest
11th November
The Fiesta of Los Humanitarios in Moreda, solidary confraternity and unique gastronomy

For over one hundred years, specifically since 1905, every 11th of November (the festivity of San Martín de Tours) Moreda de Aller dresses up to celebrate that which is considered to be one of the most popular and classic events of Asturian autumn.

This fiesta, having the typical rituals of the mass, carriage parade and typical Asturian folklore, is very original for several reasons: the first one being that is was born from the association of neighbours with a social and solidary purpose to support the most disadvantaged; the second reason being that the typical gastronomy of the fiesta – mainly fabada and casadielles (the typical Asturian bean stew and dessert) – also includes the panchón, the pudding par excellence of Moreda de Aller based on escanda bread (also typically Asturian), and the third reason being that there are few associations, such as the one creating such singular fiesta, which also have the Exemplary People of Asturias award.

Therefore, the Humanitarios are the perfect combination of solidary confraternity and Asturian fiesta based on good food and drinks.

The Fiesta of Los Humanitarios in Moreda
GPS:43.168529, -5.738575