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The Fiestas of San Roque in Llanes
Llanes (Eastern) (Llanes)
Festival of Touristic Interest
16th August
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The Fiestas of San Roque in Llanes, the great symphony of Siemprevivas

The "¡Viva San Roque y el Perru!" (Long live San Roque and the Dog!) cry is unmistakable and identifies that the fiestas of San Roque in Llanes have commenced and are here to stay with different events throughout August, although the Big Day is the 16th of this month. La Siempreviva is characteristic of the San Roque Band from the end of the 19th century and continues to fill the town of Llanes with its flavour and fiesta during these fiestas.

The pilgrim Dance, the festival of bagpipe bands, or the open air dances in La Vega de la Portilla are traditions forever associated with San Roque in Llanes. A fiesta which is as genuine as ancient, with its roots set in the 13th century, linked to the Coastal Camino de Santiago and the Hospice for pilgrims the town once had. The tradition goes that the pilgrimages honouring San Roque constituted the kind of hospitality and warm welcome of the town of Llanes to so many Jacobean pilgrims who made a halt here.

With the passage of time new elements have been added to the rituals, together with different activities, but not a bit of the essence of the San Roque tradition has been lost, based on caring for outsiders, without distinguishing between social classes and always devoted to San Roque. To sum up, a real classic in the traditions of Llanes and Asturias.

The Fiestas of San Roque in Llanes
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