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Day of Asturias in Gijón
Gijón (Center) (Gijón)
Festival of National Touristic Interest
1st Sunday of August
Day of Asturias in Gijón, a display of "Asturianness"

The Day of Asturias in Gijón is a summer classic in this city and is always held on the first Sunday of August. After a countryside picnic in Cerro de Santa Catalina, there is a parade of carriages and folkloric Asturian groups and of groups from other regions and countries along the Paseo del Muro de San Lorenzo up to El Molinón Stadium, where it finishes off with a great festival.

This fiesta is the prelude to the Great Week in Gijon starting a few days later, a perfect example of the traditional hospitality of the city towards people and groups coming from all around the world to participate and give their touch of colour and exoticism in this festival.

The Cerro de Santa Catalina, the gardens of El Náutico, the Plaza Mayor, the Muro de San Lorenzo and El Molinón Stadium are typical scenarios of Gijón, all along the coastal part of the city, leading the fiesta to have exceptionally beautiful views, apart from the leisure component.

Day of Asturias in Gijón
GPS:43.548723, -5.663105